September 09, 2017 – Executive Council Meeting

Present: Sheila Lindsay, Amy Lampkin, Mikhail Romanov, Chris Stergalas, Gabe Gonzalez, Keith Barnes, Cet Parks, Bruce Jett, Mark Gruenberg

Excused absences: Mark Pattison, Alan Troyan, Scott Dance, Yvette De La Cruz, Jazmin Gargoum, Tim Fitzgerald, David DeJesus

Unexcused absences: Lauren Byers, Seth Dietz, Laura Francis, Ed Fortney, Sam Nelson, Anthony Wilson, Karma Zurkhang, Sam Nelson, Steve Cook, Renato Mendoza, and Frederick Kunkle

President Lindsay calls the meeting to order at 11:58 am.

I. Financials

Amy Lampkin reports that Tim Fitzgerald says the budget committee will meet on Wednesday or Thursday.

II. New Business

Amy Lampkin provides a review of the local’s history on paying half of the lodging expenses for conventions if a delegate requests their own room. Mikhail Romanov notes that while the local’s other delegates were well aware of its past practices, he was never informed he would be charged for half of his lodging to attend the CWA convention and it is unfair to make him pay. Romanov also notes that he was never informed that he would not be paid lost time for his attendance at the TNG Sector Conference and CWA Convention and he would like to receive lost time.

Amy Lampkin moves, Gabe Gonzalez seconds not to charge 2017 CWA convention and TNG conference delegates for lodging expenses, temporarily suspending the local’s policy for this one instance only, but the Local will not reimburse for lost time. PASSED VOICE VOTE, MIKHAIL ROMANOV ABSTAINS.

The council discusses correspondence from the American Lung Association, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Jobs with Justice I’ll Be There Awards.

The council entertains discussion regarding opening up the Guild’s meetings for members to participate over the phone or in some other form remotely.

III. Administrative Officer’s and Staff Reports

The reports were discussed at the preceding general membership meeting.

IV. Membership Report

The membership report was discussed at the preceding general membership meeting.

V. May 16, 2017 and July 19, 2017 Executive Council Minutes and Board Polls

The local entertains limited discussion regarding the composition of the executive council.

Amy Lampkin requests summaries of the executive council minutes before they approved. Sheila Lindsay notes Elise Bryant is no longer a member of the executive council.

Mikhail Romanov moves, Mark Gruenberg seconds to approve the NC State AFL-CIO Convention board poll. PASSED VOICE VOTE, AMY LAMPKIN ABSTAINS.

Mikhail Romanov moves, Chris Stergalas seconds to approve the I’ll Be There Awards board poll. PASSED VOICE VOTE, AMY LAMPKIN AND MARK GRUENBERG ABSTAIN.

Chris Stergalas moves, Amy Lampkin seconds to approve the Triangle Labor Council board poll. PASSED VOICE VOTE.

Amy Lampkin moves to adjourn. Sheila Lindsay announces the next executive council meeting will take place on October 17 at the local’s DC office at 7 pm. Sheila Lindsay adjourns the meeting at 12:54 PM.