July 19, 2017 – Executive Council Meeting

Minutes submitted by Secretary Mikhail Romanov (cwaromanov@gmail.com)

Present: Sheila Lindsay, Tim  Fitzgerald, Mikhail  Romanov, Mark  Pattison, Yvette  De La  Cruz, Gabe Gonzalez, Sam Nelson, Steve Cook, Jazmin Gargoum, Renata Mendoza, Mark Gruenberg,Cet Parks, Rick Ehrmann,Paul Reilly, and Bruce Jett.

Excused absences: Amy Lampkin, Chris Stergalas, Elise Bryant, Ben Cooper, Alan Troyan, Ben Cooper, and Matt  Losak.

Unexcused absences: Keith Barnes, Lauren Byers, Scott Dance, David DeJesus, Seth Dietz, Laura Francis, Ed Fortney, Fred Kunkle, Sam Nelson, Anthony Wilson, and Karma Zurkhang.

President Lindsay calls the meeting to order.

I. New Business

NC State 60th Annual Convention Call

Sheila Lindsay notes the convention call was discussed at a prior meeting of the Executive Council. Use of Guild Officia Email Address by the Local Units

The Executive Council entertained  limited general discussion of the CASA unit’s use of an email address that could be construed to be maintained by the local. Sheila Lindsay suggests tabling to another meeting to discuss what constitutes appropriate  email addresses to use. Mikhail Romanov suggests it would be prudent   to  migrate   away  from  any  ambiguous  email  addresses given  the  Department   of  Labor’s preliminary finding that an election complaint against the local on a similar issue had merit. Gabe Gonzalez recommends the Communications Committee should handle the issue. Renato Mendoza notes it may take some time for the unit to transition to a different  email. Cet Parks says the local will review the issue with legal counsel.

Renewal of Local’s subscription to Press Associates Union News Service

Sheila Lindsay explains the local’s subscription to Mark Gruenberg’s news service expired in March and is seeking a renewal at  the  increased  rate  of  $1,030 per year. Cet Parks explains  the  history  of the subscription.

Jazmin Gargoum moves, Tim Fitzgerald seconds to renew the subscription. Mark Pattison asks when the Budget Committee will meet for fiscal year 2018 and Tim Fitzgerald notes he was planning on starting the budgetary process in August. PASSES VOICE VOTE with the abstention of Mark Gruenberg.

Pride@Work Correspondence

Cet Parks explains the local’s receipt  of the thank you letter  included in the Executive Council meeting packet.

DC Jobs with Justice Partnership

Sam Nelson notes a minimum financial commitment of $250 per year will afford  the local a vote on the

Jobs with Justice steering committee.

Gabe Gonzalez moves, Jazmin Gargoum seconds to table the issue until the local determines  the amount of its historic contributions. PASSES VOICE VOTE.

Ballot Point Election Services

Sheila Lindsay notes Nancy Banks spoke with the usual vendor for mail ballots.Jazmin Gargoum requests the local retrieve a list of vendors recommended by the Department of Labor.

Union Musical at Arena Stage

Cet Parks suggests a committee handle the issue. Jazmin Gargoum volunteers to direct the matter. Seating. of Unit Delegates

Sheila Lindsay notes the Bylaws Committee raised an issue about whether a unit  retains an Executive Council delegate while the unit  chair serves as an officer  of the local. Mark Pattison suggests the unit nevertheless  has a right  to  representation on the  Executive Council. Tim Fitzgerald notes the Bylaws Committee is preparing a proposal for each unit to have a seat at the Executive Council regardless of the size of the unit, noting this could cause issues if a small unit is able to appoint a delegate despite enjoying representation through its unit chair if the unit chair serves as an officer of the local.

II. Old Business

Committees- Contract Committee

Mikhail Romanov suggests tabling the issue to the September General Membership Meeting.

III.  Minutes and Board Polls

Gabe Gonzalez moves, Sam Nelson seconds to approve the June 21, 2017 Executive Council minutes.


Mark Pattison moves, Renata Mendoza seconds to approve the June 22, 2017 Board Poll results. PASSES VOICE VOTE.

Mark Gruenberg moves, Mark Pattison seconds to approve the May 16, 2017 Board Poll results. PASSES VOICE VOTE.


Sheila Lindsay moves, Mikhail Romanov seconds to adjourn. The meeting is adjourned at 10:10 pm.