October 17, 2017 – Executive Council Meeting

In Attendance:  Bob Struckman (President), Tim Fitzgerald (Treasurer), David DeJesus (Secretary), Freddy Kunkle, Mark Pattison, Mark Gruenberg, Jazmin Gargoum, Chris Stergalas,  Matt Losak,  Steve Cook, Cet Parks (Executive Director), Paul Reily (Rep), Rick Ehrmann (Rep), Amy Lampkin (Member)

By phone:  Elise Bryant (Vice President), Ben, Ed Fortney, Yvette De La Cruz, Keith Barnes, Bruce Jett (Organizer), Joel Gratz (Member), Alan Troyan (Member)

Unexcused:  Everyone else

Sheila Lindsay called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.

Bernie Lunzer, TNG President and Marion, TNG Executive Vice President was in attendance to swear in the new officers, Bob Struckman, President, Elise Bryan (Vice President) and David DeJesus (Secretary).

Newly elected president, Bob Struckman opened up the meeting with a unity message from himself and newly elected vice president, Elise Bryant. Important time for our Local. As united as we can be. “New direction”, “Include more of our members”. Gratitude to Sheila and Amy, congrats to Dave, Mikhail, thanks and broad support. Respect and dignity for each other. Chris Stergalas reached out to Bob, who looks forward to working with him.


Cet Parks went over the August financials, loss of $16,484; for the year loss of $30,141. Mark Pattison moved, Matt Losak seconded.  Motion to approve the August financials passed.

Tim Fitzgerald, Treasurer, went through the proposed budget for the fiscal year of October 1, 2017-September 30, 2017.  Tim moved to accept the budget, Chris Stergalas seconded. Gruenberg abstains.  Motion to approve the 2017-18 budget passed. Fitzgerald mentions possible amended budget next month.

New Business

Label Project for Working Families – Lindsay proposed table topic to next meeting; Gruenberg metions this is an Oakland grassroots group; Paul Reilly mentions that CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffans is on board. Struckman requested this be deferred.

Requested that a copy of contributions over the past years be shared with new administration;

Motion was made by Matt Losak and seconded by Yvette De La Cruz to donate $250 for a holiday basket to Community Services Agency of the Metropolitan Council.  Motion was passed.

Motion was made by Mark Pattison and seconded by Sheila Lindsay to donate $250 for a holiday basket to the Baltimore CLC.  Motion was passed.

Sheila Lindsay made a motion, seconded by Matt Losak, to purchased 4 tickets at $60 each ($240 total) to the Jobs with Justice I’ll Be There Awards.  Motion was passed.

December 9 at 10:00 am was named as the date for the Guild Service Awards. 

Old Business

Election results announced – no questions or comments

AT&T conference lines discussion on opening the lines.  Sheila Lindsay notes cost issues involved which are substantial, and considering alternatives.  Suggestion made for Nancy Banks to provide more details on costs.  Jazmin Gargoum requests that we experiment with assorted services to gage service.

Administrative Officers Report

Organizing funding – Parks asked retroactive authority to pay Bruce Jett’s weekly payment for October  through December for organizing consulting services – Gruenberg motioned, second by Steve Cook. Motion passed.

Struckman spoke to the organizing, stating, “Going forward organizing will be member lead through the strategic plan.” This should not stop Jett for now.  Further conversation, Gruenberg ok w/amendment of motion; Ben Cooper ask if we’re already budgeted for Bruce; Fitzgerald – deficit is from fiscal year ’17; just accepted through Aug. Have budgeted for 2018 – Jet is factored into 2018 – EC had accepted to keep Jett through Sept.; Losak questioned about money from CWA, Lindsay-Parks responded – TNG had found Digital funds back in June but further funding had ceased. Gruenberg showed thanks for Bruce bringing in new units totaling #130K for 2018.

Cet Parks seeks approval of bargaining committee for Real News Network consisting of Jocelyn Dombroski (Unit chair), Eze Jackson (Vice Chair General), Cameron Granadino (Vice Chair Studio), Kayla Rivara (Secretary), Uruj Sheikh (Chief Steward) with alternate Adam Coley. Stergalas motioned, second by Gruenberg. Motion carried

Arbitration – UFCW retroactive approval – Jazmin Gargoum motions.  Steve Cook seconds.  Motion carried.

Staff Reports:

Rick Ehrmann – Washington Post – Co-chair Freddie Kunkle spoke to the report on bargaining-management lead with same procedures as the BBNA owners tried;

In These Times – approval of bargaining committee – Miles Kampf-Lassin, Sarah Lazare and Ehrmann. Gruenberg motioned, Stergalas second. Motion carried.

Democratic Socialists of America – approval of bargaining committee – Ryan Mosgrove, Eileen Casterline and Ehrmann – motion by Losak, second by Cook. Motion carried.

M+R Strategic Services – request to approve bargaining committee was tabled due to some concerns expressed.

Paul Reilly – Foreign Policy – request council approval for tentative agreement on a two-year contract – motion by Stergalas, second by Fitzgerald. Motion carried.

Raw Story – request council approval for bargaining team – Noor Sibai, Elizabeth Preza, David Ferguson and Reilly. Motion by Gruenberg, second by Losak. Motion carried.

Organizing report – discussed during EC session.

Membership report – Sept. 11, 2017 – Oct. 17, 2017  – motion by Gruenberg, second by Stergalas. Motion carried.

Minutes   – heavy discussion held around the presentation of minutes – whether the Local should post full script of minutes or summary of actions passed by the council; committed to having members to be aware of conversations taking place during the EC meetings. Discussion of minutes posted to website – Parks – states that based on discussion with Legal counsel, a summary of minutes should be fine to post to website; Gorgum – stated minutes should be as bland as possible; Lindsay – post a summary but still have full notes – establish archive digest; Yvette dela Cruz – respectfully disagrees – critically important. Create a members only section; contract be taken down – attacks on us; so many members not in our area; Joel Gratz (AFL-CIO, WI) – minutes are not summaries – need to learn about the local. Not sufficient to post summaries. Have not seen what he has asked for; Kunkle – difference between notes and minutes, different people take different notes; if it’s too summarized – they can ask for more detailed notes. Minutes can be summarized, grievances – don’t need to have co-workers no your business; shouldn’t cover up putting on contracts on website.

Struckman requests permission to turn chair over to past president Lindsay, as he had to leave to pick up daughter; Bryant was by phone; all agreed. Chair was passed over to past president Lindsay to continue meeting. Before leaving states that stuff behind a firewall, making suer our members have access to what goes on here; Elise – minutes – secretary takes notes, minutes focus on actions – discussion and who said what doesn’t go into minutes.; Lindsay –that has been the past practice. Kunkle makes motion to move on. Motion carried.

Guild Service Awards – Dec. 9 at 10am at DC office. To take place after General Membership meeting.


Chris Stergalas motions to adjourn.  Freddy Kunkle seconds.  Motion carried.