UFCW Falls Short on Wages

The UFCW Guild represents ~ 50 employees of the United Food and Commercial Workers International, the largest private-sector union in the country. Guild members at

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ACLU Southern Affiliates United Join Wave of Union Organizing at the Non-Profit

Today, staff at the ACLU of Kentucky, ACLU of Louisiana, and ACLU of Mississippi joined over a hundred fellow ACLU workers in organizing a union. Collectively known as ACLU Southern Affiliates United, workers at the three ACLU affiliates have organized with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild (WBNG) and are requesting joint recognition from their employer.

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Guild loses Bruce Nelson, mentor to hundreds

He spent his career involved in journalism, first as an award-winning reporter in Minnesota and then as a Guild staff rep, working alongside members at nearly every Guild paper, including the Washington Post, Albany Times Union, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Sun Times and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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