October 24, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Present: The following Board Members were present either in person or by telephone, which constituted a quorum – Tim Fitzgerald, Jeremy Sprinkle, Justin Moyer, Mark Gruenberg, Mark Pattison, Steve Cook, Don Griesheimer, Sam Nelson, Elise Bryant, Peter Brusoe, Matt Losak, Dave DeJesus, Freddy Kunkle, Gabe Gonzalez

Staff and Guests Present: Rick Ehrmann, Paul Reilly, Cet Parks

Excused: Robert Struckman, Sheila Lindsay, Jazmin Gargoum

Meeting was called to order at 7:16 PM.

I. Financials

September 2018 and Bob Paul Invoice

  • Cet Parks provided an update on the September financials. Mark Pattison moves to approve September financials. Sam Nelson seconds. Motion Passes. 
  • Tim Fitzgerald discusses proposed budget details for 2019. Additional discussion on proposed budget. Matt Losak suggests updating EC of changes during planning that impact budget and stresses prudence in budget process.
  • Peter Brusoe expresses concerns on other unit negotiations, loss of employees from BNA and its overall impact on the budget. Other EC members expressed concerns of being overly optimistic on proposed budget. Peter Brusoe motions to send the budget back to committee for review based on input from EC.
  • Matt Losak seconds and adds friendly amendment to add budget to the legal line item ($13K), negotiations ($10K), and that the revenue estimate take into account the 7% layoff at BNA; that revenue budgets are looked at 6 months versus annually, and that budgets are prepared and put into packets to provide EC more time to review. Vote is taken. Jeremy Sprinkle abstains. Motion Passes.
  • No discussion on Bob Paul Invoice

II. New Business

American Arbitration Association Election Proposal

  • Cet Parks provides overview on AAA proposal for oversight and management of upcoming local elections by mail ballot at cost of $6,200 (reference page 13 and 14 in EC packet). Additional discussion on whether to keep voting in-house versus all mail ballots.
  • Peter Brusoe moves to adopt mail ballot as outlined in AAA proposal at an approximate cost of $6,200 and seconded by Don Griesheimer.
  • Further discussion on costs of mail balloting versus in-house, costs incurred by last election, timeliness in getting mail ballots to overseas/international members, updating addresses, etc. Cet Parks calls the question.
  • Motion is restated, and vote taken. Additional discussion and concerns registered after the vote was taken. Gabe Gonzalez notes point of order on vote (calling the question) – vote retaken on motion to adopt mail ballot as outlined in AAA proposal at an approximate cost of $6,200. Tim Fitzgerald abstains. Motion Passes.

E&R Committee

  • Cet Parks discusses scheduling meet with DOL and ERC Committee. Gabe Gonzalez points out that at last meeting that EC voted to establish a new ERC Committee. EC agrees to establish the ERC Committee members at the November 2018 general membership meeting.

Sector Conference – Official Call

  • Cet Parks provides overview on TNG Sector Conference in Orlando, FL (January 25-27, 2019). Nominations are required at a membership meeting and notification will need to be sent out. Steve Cook discusses nominating delegates for TNG Sector Conference at the November 17 membership meeting and send out announcements to members within 15 day, and after additional conversation EC agrees.

Delegate to Northwest Florida CLC

  • Gabe Gonzalez motions to add delegate Phyllis Garrett to the NW Florida CLC Chapter. Mark Gruenberg seconds. Motion Passes 

NC State – Hurricane Relief

  • Gabe Gonzalez motions to make a $500 contribution each, to the NC Hurricane Relief effort and the Florida Workers Relief Fund, and to ask each unit to send out a link to unit chairs for members to support these funds. Matt Losak seconds. There was additional discussion on support and its impact on budget.
  • Peter Brusoe offers friendly amendment to reduce contribution to $250 each. Matt Losak withdraws his second to Gabe’s motion based on misunderstanding the motion; Mark Pattison then seconds the original motion. Further discussion follows. Motion to call the question and vote is taken. Motion to call question passes.
  • Vote taken on motion to make a $500 contribution each, to the NC Hurricane Relief effort and the Florida Workers Relief Fund, and to ask each unit to send out a link to unit chairs for members to support these funds. Motion Passes. 

Renters Alliance

  • Matt Losak provides overview of Renters Alliance work and background on support request for $250 sponsorship of the Alliance’s Fourth Annual Building Community Celebration.
  • Gabe Gonzalez motions to table the topic until later in the year, Peter Brusoe seconds. Matt Losak abstains. Motion Passes.

III. Old Business

Credit Card Policy Amendment

  • After further discussion and updates, Steve Cook motions to accept the amended credit policy as listed on the October 24, 2018 EC meeting agenda. Seconded by Mark Pattison and others.
  • Motion made to call the question and vote is taken. Motion Passes. Vote is taken on Steve Cook’s motion to accept credit card policy amendments. Motion Passes.

IV. Executive Director’s and Staff Report

Cet Parks

  • York Dispatch – settlement reached and requests approval of three year agreement. Gabe Gonzalez motions to approve, and Peter Brusoe seconds. Motion Passes.
  • The Real News Network – request approval to file ULP for not honoring contractual tentative agreements. Sam Nelson motions to approve ULP, Mark Gruenberg seconds. Motion Passes. 

Rick Ehrmann

  • National Abortion Federation – request approval of members of the bargaining committee. Sam motions to approve. Matt Losak seconds. Motion Passes.
  • ANA – request approval to arbitrate the Sheila Lindsay termination. Sam Nelson motions and seconded by Don Griesheimer. Vote is taken and Motion Passes.

Paul Reilly

  • BBNA – Request discretionary authority to arbitrate all BBNA grievances outlined in his report. Mark Gruenberg seconds and Peter Brusoe seconds. Motion Passes. 

Eric Geist

  • No action items

Bruce Jett

  • No action items

V. Membership Report

September 15-August 24, 2018, 2018

  • Park Pattison motions to accept. Freddy Kunkle seconds. Motion passed.

VI. EC Minutes and Board Poll

Minutes – September 15, 2018

  • Gabe Gonzalez motions to approve. Mark Pattison seconds. Motion passed.
  • Note to correct spelling of Laura Francis and Gabe Gonzalez names.

Board Poll – October 10, 2018, 2018

  • Steve Cook motions to accept October 10, 2018 Board Poll (BBNA Tee-Shirts). Mark Gruenberg seconds. Steve Cook notes that although EC authorized spending up to $6,000, the actual cost of tee-shirts totaled approximately $4,700. Motion Passes.

VII. Good and Welfare

  • Matt Losak moves to hold next meeting on Saturday, November 17. Mark Pattison Motion Passes.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Matt Losak motions to adjourn, Matt Losak seconds. Motion Passes.
  • Meeting adjourned at 10:05 PM