November 17, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Present: Robert Struckman (President); Elise Bryant (VP); Tim Fitzgerald (Treasurer); Sheila Lindsay
(ANA); Don Griesheimer (ANA); Mark Pattison (CSN); Mark Gruenberg (Small At-Large); Steve Cook
(BBNA); Justin Moyer (Post); Sam Nelson (JWJ); Kharma Zurkhang (RFA); Peter Brusoe (BBNA); Cet Parks (ED); Paul Reilly (Rep); Rick Ehrmann (Rep) and Ed Fortney (SEIUS00, by phone)

Excused: Dave DeJesus, Jazmin Gargoum, Gabe Gonzalez

Executive Council meeting called to order at 12:25pm

1st order of business – question called on whether a quorum – determined a quorum had been met with 13 members present.

Business discussed: appointment of the Elections Referendum Committee

Adding additional items to the agenda FINANCIALS Proposed budget – pg. 8 of the EC packet – Treasurer Tim Fitzgerald

I. Financials

Proposed budget – pg. 8 of the EC packet – Treasurer Tim Fitzgerald

  • Change to line 57 based on today’s (11/17) General Membership meeting- attending 2
    conferences in 2019, voted to send 10 to TNG Sector Conference and 7 to CEA Convention Propose to send 13 & 8; other line allowed $8,000; based on the San Francisco trip, came in a little lower.

Mark P., motioned to approve the proposed budget- as things change from month to month Question on Line 62-Negotiations – concern around units with upcoming contract negotiations, i.e.,
BBNA, Baltimore Sun -concern numbers budgeted were to low for negotiations, salary for Eric Geist should be separate line item up until January; loss time @ the Sun, no loss time for BBNA; $66k for
Geist, initially budgeted.

Line 63 question of Bruce Jett’s salary through January, approved by EC; Parks to be seeking extensions of both (Jett & Geist) to the EC in January.

Discussion of hiring an organizer: numbers are a bit low; must get contracts signed to have revenue coming in by 2020-2021. Tidewater G ____ about 200, want to come into WBNG, currently being negotiated by TNG staff rep, Lou Greico.

Question – if we extend their contracts do we revise the budget, which goes to the comment made by Mark P. (“Fitzgerald doesn’t reflect what the council approves”); Struckman, would only vote on what we add throughout the year. Budget then fluctuates months to months. Reflects current fiscal year – calendar year. Chances there will be an extension; Mark G., $1.879k would be add ons once the
incoming units revenues begin to come in.

Cook – deficit of $123k, how is that sustainable? Parks – stair stepping units into the revenues; Struckman – after several years decide we don’t want to be adding funds or budget on the front end, clear at this point -bargaining of new units. Spending money to make money; less external organizing and more internal organizing, looking for direction by the EC. 

Question: has the budget been approved by the Budget Committee?
Cook -double down on expenses, some years will be running a surplus.
Struckman -surplus on dues to add a strike fund -move more aggressively
Griesheimer -strategic planning committee -do we know what we want to be over the next five years?
Conduct a financial analysis -cost of analyzing units going forward during negotiations. Bargain more effectively and efficiently

Parks -8 in previous years and now 16 units but no increase in staff; finding ways to be more effective and training of our members.10 years ago bargaining new contracts in 6 months, now doing it within a year or more, people don’t want a standardized contract. Estimate is actually lower than it was last year APAE & Advancement Project coming in, should not be a deficit at end of year -$72,000 income from each unit, trajectory growing well. Doable looking at future organizing, slight change in accounting procedures fiscal year in 2016, reflecting back on accruals, will see an uptake for Sept., will be reflected in this years budget will show a better increase.

Motion to accept the budget as put forward. Motion passes by voice vote

II. New Business

MultiDistrict Council Meeting report by Mark P. -Pres. Bernie Lunzer reported that TNG is under staff more than½ of the staff being paid under CWAs SIF membership is up; Digital Media organizing, 19,470; news media alliance down 56%, TNG up by 20%; CWA Secretary-Treasurer, Sara Steffens reported
budget growing in the compliance department, no more paper filing, itemized reports -policy set – WBNG had policy set in 1970, adopted to use per diem currently set by Dept. of Labor; slate of policies on their way. ULPS, DFRs, NLRB failure to process a grievance is considered a breach. Must keep grievant informed throughout the step process, necessary to maintain a documentary timeline.

  • Janus decision;
  • $275k -23k per month;
  • SEC have cut down on face to face meetings, Fall board meeting conducted via Zoom
  • no clerical support during the 2019 conference;
  • looking at defense fund to get things done;
  • discussion of merging NABET & PPMW could keep them in place, Charlie Greco is in favor, look for TNG to take the lead;
  • SDC elections: re-elected Nestor Soto, president, Mark P., secretary-treasurer, Mark G., vice-president, Tim Fitzgerald appointed to serve as the TNG HREC representative to the CWA Human and Civil Rights Committee

AFA Request-bi-annual meeting in New Orleans, problems with temperature. Please help them out – no action taken

CWA PAC FUND -CWA Strong pushing heavily-an account for the Local has been set up; individual options for members to do; funds would come into the Local; can be done by payroll deduction, can help us out by shutting management out.

Guild Copier lease – Fitzgerald spoke to the matter: negotiation of renewing the contract; UBT made a competitive offer, Nauticon (new vendor), contract was a bad offer; requested the remove recurring payment of $13,000; Nauticon agreed to tear up current contract, waive or reduce price; Nancy Banks asked Parks for approval to renew contract with UBT, Parks agreed to approval – Parks (ED) to take charge of this issue. Nauticon offered lower rates, wrong information was given. Struckman gave kudos to Fitzgerald for his activism on this, up to ED & EC to make the approval, we are receiving the $13,000 from Nauticon. Fitzgerald makes a request that the EC approval of all contracts, Fitzgerald turns request to a motion that all contracts (long standing), come before the EC, concept of EC reviewing contracts absence a certain approver, be reviewed and approved by the EC. No second to the motion, motion denied, no movement.

Appointing an ERC

Discussion of the At-Large, 8 people for the 5 positions – of how those elections take place.

ERC – president would normally name; EC members offered the following members to serve: Tiffany Heath (AFL); Sam Nelson (JWJ); Amanda Erickson (Post); Amy Lampkin (AFL); Mark P. (CNS); Peter Brusoe (BBNA) and Tammy Madison (BBNA)

DOL requested to meet with the ERC for training; questions about ensuring the validity of the number of people serving and not. Motion to approval of the 7 people nominated to serve on the ERC. Motion passes by voice vote.

Setting the next EC meeting: Dec. 19 @ 7pm, DC office

Good & Welfare: Renter’s Alliance had approved $1,000 & unable to take up discussion for the request.

Motion to adjourn, second by Peter Brusoe, motion passed by voice vote.