December 09, 2017 – General Membership Meeting

Present:   Robert Struckman, Elise Bryant, Tim Fitzgerald, David DeJesus, Dina Kastner, Freddy Kunkle, Sam Nelson, Amy Lampkin, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Mark Pattison, Steve Cook, Justin Moyer, Amanda Erickson, Celeste Drake, Mikhail Romonov, Matt Losak, Hafiz Rashid, Paul Reilly, Elias Giroll, Sheila Lindsay, Cet Parks, Rick Ehrmann, 

President Struckman calls meeting to order at 10:20 AM

I. GMM Minutes – September 9, 2017

  • Amy Lampkin moved. Mark Gruenberg seconded.  Minutes of September meeting approved. 

II. Officer’s Reports

  • President’s report was given.
  • Vice President’s report was given.
  • Treasurer’s report was given.
  • Secretary’s report was given. 

III. Administrative Officer’s Report & Staff

  • Cet Parks provides review of September and year-end financials. Mark Gruenberg moved.  Jazmin Gargoum seconded.  Financials were approved.
  • Celeste Drake (AFL-CIO) had a question on what goes in the Negotiations and Legal line items.
  • Cet Parks went over the Executive Director report, asks for retroactive approval for an arbitration at NEROP.  Mark Gruenberg moved, and Jazmin Gargoum seconded.  Motion approved.
  • Rick Ehrmann, Staff Rep, went over his report.  Washington Post has signed up 102 new members this year, surpassing their goal of 100.  Freddy Kunkle and David DeJesus gave an update on Washington Post bargaining.  Rick asks for approval of the M&R bargaining team.  Rick moved, Amy Lampkin seconded.  Motion approved.
  • Paul O’Reilly, Staff Rep, went over his report.  Asks for a motion to approve the bargaining team at CTW.  Mark Gruenberg moved, Mark Pattison seconded.  Motion approved.
  • Paul Reilly, Staff Rep provided his report.  Requested retroactive approval for the CNS bargaining team.  Mark Gruenberg moved, Mark Pattison seconded.  Motion approved.
  • Bruce Jett, Organizer, gave his report.

IV. New Business

  • Dates were set for the 2018 General Membership meetings.  They are February 10, April 7, June 2, September 15 and November 17. June 2 and September 15 meetings to be held in Baltimore, MD.  Sheila Lindsay motions, Amy Lampkin seconds.  Motion approved.
  • Membership discussed the web hosting contract with Blue Dog Digital.  Contract will now go month to month.
  • Two resolutions were brought to the floor – proposal to establish a Guild dues hardship stipend; activation of Darlene Meyers scholarship fund.  Elise Bryant moves to table discussion.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Freddy Kunkle amends motion for additional due diligence.  Vote to table discussion.  Motion passes to table discussion to next meeting.
  • Cet Parks provides review and recommendation of CWA Local Officers Training program.  Matt Losak motions.  Jazmin Gargoum seconds.  Matt Losak motions for officers to attend as commuters.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Motion passes.

V. Adjournment

  • Sheila Lindsay moves, Celeste Drake seconds.  Meeting adjourns at 1 pm.