March 16th, 2022 – Executive Council Meeting


Officers: Dan Gabor; Katie Mettler; Justin Moyer; Pratheek Rebala;

Executive Council: Elise Bryant;  Dave DeJesus;; Jazmin Gargoum; Nina Goldman; Don Griesheimer; Andrew Kreighbaum; Marissa Lang; Sam Nelson; Mark Pattison; Grace Sheedy; Jeremy Sprinkle; Drew Waxman; Joe Yerardi; Sam Trueblood;

This meeting follows a general membership meeting, the minutes for that meeting are available here.

Executive Council Meeting:

Approval of Executive Council Meeting minutes from Feb 16th,, 2022. Don Greishmimer moved, Samantha Trueblood seconded. Motion Carries.

Travis Bland from the State Newsguild requested funds to purchase merchandise for their unit. Justin Moyer moved to approve $720 dollars to be spent at a union print show. Elise Bryant seconded. Motion Carries.

Elise Bryant moved to adjourn the meeting. Pratheek Rebala seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM.