February 16th, 2022 – Executive Council Meeting


Staff: Cet Parks; Paul Reilly; Evan Yeats; Eric Geist;

Officers: Dan Gabor; Katie Mettler; Justin Moyer; Pratheek Rebala;

Executive Council: Jason Albright; Elise Bryant; Carl Charles; Dave DeJesus; Daniela Galarza; Jazmin Gargoum; Nina Goldman; Don Griesheimer; Andrew Kreighbaum; Marissa Lang; Sam Nelson; mark Pattison; Grace Sheedy; Jeremy Sprinkle; Michelle Wang; Drew Waxman; Joe Yerardi; Dan Gabor; Sam Trueblood;

Contracts Approved: Alliance for Justice

Bargaining Committees Approved: American Nurses Association; Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services; Concerted Action; CASA.

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM

Consent Agenda:

  • Approval of Executive Council Meeting minutes from Jan 19th, 2022.
  • Approval of the membership report.
  • Approval of the financial report.
  • Approval of legal fees.
  • Approval of a four-year contract for the Alliance for Justice.
  • Approval of the following bargaining teams:
    • American Nurses Association: Aieda Solomon, Bill Evans, Erin Walpole, Don Griesheimer, Frank Flood, Joi Morris, Lisa Stand, Samuel Hewitt.
    • Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services: Blayer Cedeno, Kate Richardson, Kristine Brown, Maria T. Aguilar, Maria Osornio, Nicole Morgan, Victoria Mora, Yvette Changuin Humble, Beatriz Alvarado, Oscar Roussett, Fernando Candil, Erin Johnson, Marco Galaviz Luna, Nadia Perez, Alysa Medina.
    • Concerted Action: Ian Brady, Jay Hearn, Peter Thacher, and Sarah Thomas

Don Griesheimer moved to accept the consent agenda, seconded by Mark Pattison. Motion Carries.

Staff Reports:

Paul Riley requests discretionary authority to arbitrate a discharge at CASA . Sam Nelson moves and Nina Goldman seconds. Motion Carries. 

Strategic Planning:

Joe Yerardi provided an update of the strategic planning process and the executive council retreat to discuss the report. Yeardi also reminded EC members to respond to the strategic planning survey that was sent out on the 10th of February.

Communications Committee:

Grace Sheedy discussed the committee’s goals for the year including designing a style guide and content strategy for the local’s website, newsletters and social media; developing a strategy to support ongoing bargaining campaigns and creating training materials for organizing campaigns.

New Business:

Kate Shaughnessy (AFL-CIO) discussed a racial justice training being conducted by the AFL-CIO and requested interested members to reach out to her for registration information.

Elise Bryant presented a motion to authorize the use of the Darlene Meyer fund to send six members to the Labor Notes conference in Chicago. Joe Yerardi seconded. Motion Carries.

Executive Session:

Evan requested a discretionary authority to organize [redacted], a 150 member staff union. Elise Bryant moved, Jason Albright seconds. Motion carries.

Evan requested authority to organize a twenty member union at [redacted], a D.C. based group of trade publications. Elise Bryant moved, Jason Albright seconds. Motion carries.

Elise Bryant moved to adjourn the meeting, Jazmin Gargoum seconds.