April 13th, 2022 – Executive Council Meeting

EC: Drew Waxman, Jason Albright, Marissa Lang, Allie Petonic, Caleb-Michael Files, Samantha Trueblood, Elise Bryant, Sophia Nguyen, Jeremy Sprinkle, Grace Sheedy, Pratheek Rebala, Katie Mettler, Evan Yeats, Andrew Kreighbaum, Justin Moyer, Don Griesheimer, David DeJesus, Joe Yerardi, Samuel Nelson, Nina Goldman, Daniela Galarza, Mark Pattison.

Staff: Cet Parks, Eric Geist, Steven Cook, Paul Reilly, Evan Yeats, Sammi Sluder.

Contracts Approved: Roanoke Times

Bargaining Committees Approved:  HPAE; End Citizens United/Let America Vote.

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM

Consent Agenda:

  • Approval of Executive Council Minutes from March 2022.
  • Approval of the membership report.
  • Approval of the financial report.
  • Approval of legal fees.
  • Approval of contracts at Roanoke Times
  • Approval of the following bargaining teams:
    • HPAE: Joel Brooks (unit chair), Christine Munck, Corrado Cottumaccio, Alethea Dixon, Lee Ann Rooney and Charlie Cucci.
    • End Citizens United/Let America Vote: Alondra Vidal Diaz, Audrey Battaglini, Mark Andrews, Sam Jones and Lily Hart

Don Griesheimer moved to accept the consent agenda, seconded by Samuel Nelson. Motion Carries.

Staff Reports:

Cet Parks requested David DeJesus to discuss the responses to the pay-study from the Washington Post Unit.

Steve Cook requested retroactive authority to arbitrate a grievance relating to the denial of ADA accommodations at Working America. Joe Yeradi Moved, Jazmin Gargoum seconded.

Evan Yeats requests authority to file for a ULP at the Washingtonian regarding unilateral changes in policies regarding employee domicile and vaccination requirements. Grace Sheedy moved, Caleb Michael Files seconded. Motion Carries.

New Business:

Dan Gabor appointed and introduced Sarah Coughlon from the M+R Unit as the chair of the organizing committee.

Caleb Michael Files moved to make a donation of $250 to the DC Labor FilmFest. Nina Goldman seconds. Motion Carries

Joe Yerardi and Grace Sheedy provided an update on the strategic planning process and proposed an in-person retreat to discuss the outcomes. Yerardi will send out a survey to discuss the format and date for this discussion. 

Dan Gabor proposed a sub-committee to discuss the requirements and guidelines regarding future in-person events.

Dan Gabor discussed the harassment investigation into Frank Snyder at the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. Gabor proposed the establishment of a voluntary fund to support victims of discrimination and harssment at staff unions.  Gabor also proposed that WBNG provide direct representation to those staff who aren’t currently in a union.

Caleb Michael Files moved to approve upto $1500 in billable hours to assist with these members. Elise Bryant seconded. Motion Carries.

Nina Goldman moved to approve the creation of the above mentioned voluntary fund to support victims of discrimination and harssment at staff unions. Mark Pattinson  seconded. Motion Carries.

Caleb Michael Files moved to adjourn.  Don Griesheimer seconded. Motion Carries.