January 30, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Present:   Robert Struckman, Elise Bryant, Tim Fitzgerald, David DeJesus, Benjamin Cooper, Ed Fortney, Gabe Gonzales, Dina Kastner, Freddy Kunkle, Sam Nelson, Amy Lampkin, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Mark Pattison, Steve Cook, Justin Moyer, Amanda Erickson, Celeste Drake, Mikhail Romonov, Matt Losak, Paul Reilly, Elias Giroll, Caroline Steptoe, Sheila Lindsay, Cet Parks, Rick Ehrmann

President Struckman call meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Bob Struckman recognizes work of Chris Stergalas who recently left the EC.

Bob Struckman recognizes the work and legacy of Ken May who recently passed.

I. Financials – October-November 2017

  • Cet Parks provides overview of financials for the period October and November 2017. Mark Pattison moves to approve October financials.  Jazmin Gargoum seconds. Motion passes.  Mark Pattison moves to approve November financials.  Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Cet Park provides review Bob Paul bill for December 2017.

II. New Business

Participants on Conference Calls

  • David DeJesus provides overview and general guidelines for members participating in EC and GMM meetings via conference calls.
  • Amy Lampkin discusses consideration of conference call options offered by AT&T which would present an opportunity for meetings to run more efficiently.
  • Sheila Lindsay notes that we already have the cost information in regard to the conferencing features presented by Amy Lampkin. Sheila Lindsay discusses moving this issue to a future meeting for a decision.

President’s Report

  • Robert Struckman reviews learnings from recent Officer’s Training program on the need to establish policies, proper authorizations and procedures for conducting the Local’s business.
  • Discussion that past practices are not a substitute for policy, and policies need to be in a place available to all members, including documentation, or if policies are in place, they should be readily available to members.
  • Discussion on establishing formal committees and the selection/makeup of persons serving on committees. Participation on committees is open to all members.
  • Discussion on need to establish process to communicate out to general membership, activists and EC leadership on Local’s issues.
  • Discussion by Robert Struckman to request Nancy Banks to send out list of committees that are forming. Special request that EC members take a leadership role on committees being formed.
  • Discussion on addressing our bylaws while reviewing policy and procedures which need to be in compliance CWA guidelines.
  • Freddy Kunkle motions to establish a policy to be reviewed by the bylaws committee as to how committees should be formed on a standing and ad hoc basis by the executive council. And communicate to all members of the executive council, to be notified on the formation of a committee.  Mark Pattison seconds.  Friendly amendment by Sheila Lindsay to include those who serve on small units and at large members of the EC.  Motion passes. 
  • BNA Happy Hour on February 8, 2018 – 5 pm to 8 pm

III. Vice President’s Report

  • Elise Bryant presents overview of recently held CWA Newly Elected Officer’s Training.

Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Steve Cook discusses establishing a harassment policy for the Local to handle member vs. member complaints of harassment.

TNG-CWA New Local Officers Seminar

  • Cet Parks presents an overview of TNG-CWA Local Officers Seminar and costs involved in sending units to the training program. Gabe Gonzales motions to send five out of town and up to ten commuters to the local officers training program.  Steve Cook seconds. 
  • Mark Gruenberg offers friendly amendment to include four commuters and six out of town units (to allow attendees to double up if necessary), and to add such sums as necessary for lodging, travel and registration. Motion passes.

Labor Notes Conferences

  • Sheila Lindsay motions to send Bruce Jett, a member of the EC and a member in the Chicago area to the 2018 Labor Notes Conference in Chicago, April 6-8, including travel, per diem and registration. Mark Gruenberg seconds.  Motion passes.

AFL-CIO Unit Issues

  • Cet and Amy Lampkin provide an overview and discussion on AFL-CIO Unit issues regarding allegations of by-laws violations.
  • Tim Fitzgerald motions that the AFL-CIO should make the nominations of all officers at their next meeting on February 1, 2018, for the next normal term, according to the bylaws (January-January). Seconded by Elise Bryant.  Motion passes (Robert Struckman abstains from voting).

Peggy Browning Fund

  • Motion made by Steve Cook to table discussion until the dinner event.

41st Annual Evening With Labor

  • Robert Struckman discusses making decisions on supporting cause related events as a whole, versus dealing with each program on a one-off basis. Gabe Gonzales discusses establishing a committee to review cause programs and make recommendations based on budget.

Working Families – Valerie Earvin Presentation

  • Tabled for future date to be determined.

DC Jobs With Justice Education Fund

  • Tabled

IV. Old Business

CWA Strong Pledge Form Check-in

  • Tabled

Credit Card and Petty Cash Policy

  • Tabled

V. Administrative Officers Report & Staff

  • Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions – Cet Parks seeks approval of bargaining committee consisting of John Kolodny, Jessica Butz, Dan Ryan, Chris Parker, Simone Zimmer, and alternate LeAnda Russell. Mark Gruenberg moves.  Mark Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.
  • UFCW – Cet Parks requests discretionary authority to arbitrate termination of Mikhail Romonov. Motioned by Ed Fortney.  Seconded by Steve Cook.  Motion passes.
  • Cet Parks provides overview of AFT-TX (TSU)
  • Lanetix – Cet Parks requests retroactive authority to file a ULP for fired Lanetix employees. Freddy Kunkle motions. Gabe Gonzales seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Organizing Consultant (Bruce Jett) – Cet Parks requests funding for our current organizing consultant for six months. Mark Pattison motions.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Representation Consultant – Cet Parks requests funding for a new representation consultant to expedite contracts and revenue generation for six months. Sheila Lindsay motions to include a representation consultant for six months under the same terms as the organizing consultant.  Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Cet Park requests authorization to spend funds for food in regard to bargaining committee meetings and CWA Strong organizing programs. Ed Fortney motions to give Cet Parks discretionary authority for modest funding for food for bargaining and organizing efforts (i.e., CWA Strong).  Jazmin Gargoum seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Cet Parks requests consideration of increasing gift card to $100 and Sign-ups to $50.
  • Bruce Jett provides overview of Lambda Legal election victory, Washington Post Recruitment Drive (124 new members), National Abortion Federation, LCCHR and Staff Union.
  • Rick Ehrmann requests discretionary authority for ANA bargaining committee. Sheila Lindsay motions.  Gabe Gonzales seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Paul Reilly requests approval of CNS contract that was ratified on January 29, 2018. Mark Pattison motions.  Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Paul Reilly requests retroactive approval of bargaining committee at AFP (Rob Lever, Carlos Hamann, Paul Sherno, Tom Watkins, Ian Timberlake, Fanny Andre, Elodie Cuzin, and Paul Reilly). Mark Pattison motions.  Mark Gruenberg seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Paul Reilly requests retroactive approval of bargaining team (Michael Migiel-Schwartz, Laura Padin and Paul Reilly). Mark Pattison motions.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Paul Reilly requests retroactive approval for bargaining team at Radio Free Asia for Karma Zurkhang, Arslan Khakiyer, Michelle Wang, Jin Seo Lee and Paul Reilly. Sam Nelson moves.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Motion passes.

VI. Membership Report

  • Gabe Gonzales motions to approve. Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Motion passes.

VII. EC Minutes

  • November 7, 2017 – Sheila Lindsay motions. Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.
  • December 9, 2017 – Steve Cook motions. Mark Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Board Poll – Mark Pattison moves. Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Cet Parks discusses Paulson Tharapatia resignation and job posting/replacement hiring.
  • Next EC Meeting – February 10, 2018 after GMM. Mark Pattison moves.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Sheila Lindsay motions to adjourn. Gabe Gonzalez seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Meeting adjourns at 10:33 PM.