February 10, 2018 – General Membership Meeting

Present:  Robert Struckman, Elise Bryant, Tim Fitzgerald, David DeJesus, Matt Losak, Tammy Madison, Ian Timberlake, Celeste Drake, Dina Kastner, Shaun O’Brien, Carolyn Steptoe, Ashley See, Denise Brogan, Mark Pattison, Steve Cook, Amy Lambkin, Gabe Gonzales, Christine Silvia-DeGennaro, Justin Moyer, Nina Goldman, Melinda Fiedler, Hafiz Rashid, Sally David, Maya Goines, Jazmin Gargoum, Kelly Temple, Sheila Lindsay

Phone:  Brian Berger, Luke Campora, Peter Drummond, Rick Castor, Joel Gratz, Helen Gonzales, Andrew Herly, Brad Martell, Scott Reynolds, Kate Jacob, Samantha Trueblood, Maya Goings

President Struckman calls meeting to order at 10:15 AM

I. GMM Minutes – December 9, 2017

  • Steve Cook moves, Mark Pattison seconds to approve minutes.  Passes Voice Vote

II. Officers Report

  • President’s Report was given

III. Executive Director’s Report

  • Cet Parks gives update on October and November 2017 financials.
  • There were no staff reports provided at this meeting. 

IV. New Business

Proposal to establish a Guild Dues Scholarship re-motion 

  • Tabled until next meeting

Language from Justin Moyer (Washington Post) to sign up more members at Washington Post 

  • Tabled until next meeting.

Committee Updates  

  • President Struckman gives updates on committees.
  • Bylaws meeting scheduled for Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 6 pm Guild Office.
  • Committees are Human Rights, Organizing, Election Referendum, Elections, Bylaws, Finance & Budget, Contracts and Communications.
  • Discussions on protocols/processes for communicating information to EC and committee members and managing databases.

Draft Motion on Bylaws Complaints

  • President Struckman reviews and requests recommendation of Draft Motion on Bylaws Complaint, as a structure to address complaints in an orderly and fair process.
  • Matt Losak motions to adopt.  Celeste Drake seconds.  Tim Fitzgerald asks for clarity on draft policy; Matt Losak provides additional information on why such a policy is needed with additional input form EC members.
  • Amy Lampkin makes friendly amendment to Draft Motion to strike last paragraph of Draft Motion which contradicts paragraph one of Draft Motion.  Celeste Drake (seconder) declines friendly.  After additional discussion, Peter Drummond calls the question to end debate on removal of Draft Motion last paragraph.  Vote is taken; 32 votes to call question and 12 votes against.  Motion Passes.
  • Vote taken on Amy Lambkin motion to strike paragraph three of Draft Motion on Bylaws Complaint; 31 votes oppose and 8 yes.  Motion Fails to strike paragraph 3.
  • Dina Kastner (NASW) motions to add sentence to paragraph one, “All complaints must be made in writing.  This complaint must go to your unit chair prior to filing with the local”. Friendly amendment accepted by Matt Losak.
  • Ryan Mosgrove calls question on amendment, and motions to send amendment to a working group.  Gabe Gonzales seconds.  Steve Cook offers friendly amendment to send this issue to existing governance committee versus a working group.  Friendly amendment is accepted.  Question called, and vote taken; 32 yes votes and 13 no votes.  Motion Passes.

Draft Motion on Forensic Audit

  • President Struckman reviews Draft Motion on Forensic Audit.  Matt Losak motions to adopt, Selwan Carter seconds.  
  • Discussion on how we arrived to cost figures ($5,000).  Additional discussion on frequency of audits.
  • Tim Fitzgerald explains nature of forensic audit process and associated costs.  There was additional discussion and debate from EC and General Membership body.
  • Justin Moyer motions to call the question to end debate and vote on forensic audit; 37 yes votes and 9 no votes.  Motion Passes.
  • Vote taken to adopt Draft Motion on Forensic Audit; 32 yes votes, 13 no votes, 1 abstaining.  Motion Passes.

V. Old Business

Results of Motion – Guild Unit Business

  • Tiffany Heath (AFL-CIO) and Joel Gratz explain/discuss AFL-CIO bylaws issue, and the EC ruling on January 30, 2017 in regard to an AFL-CIO election related bylaws violation.  The AFL-CIO unit seeks to overturn the EC ruling on a bylaws violation.  Peter Drummond on point of order regarding author of the AFL-CIO motion (Joel Gratz).    
  • Joel Gratz motions to overturn EC ruling on AFL-CIO bylaws governing its election for new unit officers.  Peter Drummond calls question to end discussions; 30 yes votes, 14 no votes, 1 abstaining recorded.  Motion Passes to end debate.
  • Joel Gratz motion to overturn EC ruling on AFL-CIO bylaws governing its election for new unit officers goes to vote; 33 yes votes, 10 no votes, 1 abstaining.  Joel Gratz motions to overturn EC ruling on AFL-CIO bylaws governing its election for new unit officers.  Motion Passes.
  • Gabe Gonzales motions to adjourn.  Mark Pattison seconds.  Meeting adjourned at 12:52 PM.