December 09, 2017 – Executive Council Meeting

Present:   Elise Bryant, Steve Cook, David DeJesus, Yvette De La Cruz, Celeste Drake, Seth Dietz, Rick Ehrmann, Tim Fitzgerald, Jazmin Gargorum, Elias Groll, Mark Gruenberg, Dina Kastner, Freddy Kunkle, Amy Lampkin, Sheila Lindsay, Matt Losak, Sam Nelson, Cet Parks, Mark Pattison, Hafiz Rashid, Paul Reilly, Mikhail Romonov, Robert Struckman

Absent:  Keith Barnes, Lauren Byers, Ben Cooper, Scott Dance, Laura Francis, Alan Troyan, Anthony Wilson, Karma Zurkhang 

President Robert Struckman calls the meeting to order at 1:30 PM.

I. Financials – September-October 2017

Budget Fix

  • Budget fix for FY2017 and 2018 tabled until next EC Meeting.


  • Cet Park discusses Bob Paul bill for November 2017 and arbitration bills.

II. New Business

Forensic Audit

  • Discussion around the credit card expense report dated September 25, 2017 brought forward by AFL-CIO members, Scott Reynolds and Maya Goines.
  • Further discussion on appearance of lack of transparency in financial reports for credit card; Reynolds indicates most unions and other businesses no longer use credit cards.
  • Cet Parks spoke to the historical practices in using the credit card. Adds that there are only two issued credit cards under two separate card numbers: one under Parks name and one under the Local which is maintained by the bookkeeper.
  • Others spoke of credit cards still used by the organizations they have served on (exception of CLUU). Cost to hire a forensic auditor generally done when there is a change in leadership.
  • General belief of lack of identifying the credit card expenses could be used against the Local or brought to the attention of the DOL.
  • Yvette de la Cruz motioned to conduct a forensic audit of the Local’s finances based upon the report presented. Seconded by Mikhail Romanov. Further discussion took place.

Forensic Audit (Cont.)

  • Friendly amendments to the motion made by Freddy Kunkle. Seconded by David DeJesus to move the motion forward.  Roll call on the motion to call the question and vote on motion.  Motion Passes.
  • Vote taken on motion to conduct a forensic audit. Roll call on motion – In Person/Phone: 5 “yes” votes and 7 “no” votes.  Motion fails.
  • Discussion on NC State AFL-CIO – Thank You. A motion was made to approve per diem for Sheila Lindsay’s attendance to the 2018 AFL-CIO Civil Rights Conference in Houston, January 12-15.  CWA would reimburse the Local up to $1,200 for travel, hotel and registration fees.  Tim Fitzgerald motioned.  Jasmine Gargoum seconds.  Motion passes.

III. Adjournment

  • All remaining EC Agenda items were tabled to the next EC Meeting on January 31, 2017 except for Forensic Audit discussion.
  • The next Executive Council meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, at 7 PM.
  • Mark Pattison motions to adjourn meeting. Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Robert Struckman adjourns the meeting at 3pm.