February 10, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Present: Justin Moyer (Freddy Kunkle), Sheila Lindsay, Mark Gruenberg, Mark Pattison, Celeste Drake, Maya Goings (guest), Steve Cook, Tim Fitzgerald, Dave DeJesus, Jazmin Gargoum, Gabe Gonzales, Cet Parks, Rick Ehrmann, Paul Reilly, Robert Struckman, Seth Dietz (phone), Peter Drummond (phone), Joel Gratz (phone)

I. Financials

Budget Fix for FY20 I 7 and FY2018

  • Tabled to next meeting

II. New Business

CLC Delegate Request – Discussion on EC

  • Gabe Gonzales motions to approve request from Jeremiah Tattersall (Florida AFL-CIO) to assign AFL-CIO members as delegates to Florida CLC. Steve Cook seconds. Motion Passes.

41 st Annual Evening with Labor

  • Rick Ehrmann speaks on event and importance of involvement, with discussion on running ad and use of tickets to attend the event. After further discussion, Matt Pattison moves to purchase two tickets and half-page ad for $250. Mark Gruenberg seconds. Motion Passes.

DC Jobs with Justice Education Fund

  • Tabled until next meeting

Solidarity Fund BLM/Bailout Day

  • Mark Friedman (Solidarity Fund) provides overview of program and requests support for program. Sheila Lindsay motions for the local to contribute up to $500 for the National Bailout fund in support of Black Lives Matter. Jazmin Gargoum seconds. After discussion regarding impact on EC budget, Tim Fitzgerald makes a friendly amendment to adjust contribution to $250. Friendly amendment accepted. Motion Passes.

III. Old Business

Credit Card and Petty Cash Policy

  • Tabled to next EC meeting.

IV. Executive Director’s Report & Staff

  • Rick Ehrmann – Democratic Socialists of America unit ratified new contract and requests approval. Mark Gruenberg motions to approve. Mark Pattison seconds. Motion Passes.
  • Rick Ehrmann – APWU Bargaining Committee. Requests approval of APWU bargaining committee. Tim Fitzgerald moves, Sheila Lindsay seconds. Motion Passes.
  • Paul Reilly – Agence France Presse – Requests approval of 2-year contact. Mark Gruenberg motions. Mark Pattison seconds. Motion Passes.
  • Cet Parks requests approval of Florida AFL-CIO contract. Sheila Lindsay motions to approve. Jazmin Gargoum seconds. Motion Passes.
  • Cet Parks gives update on Coalition of Kaiser Permanente.

V. Membership Report

  • Not available for this meeting.

VI. EC Minutes – January 30, 2018

  • January 30, 2018 minutes to be approved at next EC Meeting.
  • Jazmin Gargoum expresses concerns of voting on policies, when membership has not had an opportunity to read/review in advance. Concern also expressed on perceived lack of transparency on policy issues under discussion and shielding of authorship. Concern expressed on phone packing in regard to voting or tabling discussions in lieu of voting.
  • Sheila Lindsay expresses concern of lack of review and discussion before motions are passed, and clarification on the role of the EC in bringing forth policy.
  • Celeste Drake expresses concern on distribution of information in our packets; need to establish best practices. Disagrees with phone packing concern.
  • Joel Gratz discusses phone packing and participation from out of market members.
  • Cet Parks discusses communications process and role of EC and Good Morning members.
  • Mark Gruenberg makes suggestion that unit chairs must take responsibility for communication to members.
  • Peter Drummond addresses phone packing characterizations and involvement challenges for out of market members.
  • Maya Goings discusses need for clear communication of issues on table, in advance of meetings.
  • Jazmin Gargoum and Sheila Lindsay expresses concerns on fair representation of issues and enough time to discuss/debate issues such as the AFL-CIO issue and tabling of prominent issues (i.e. Washington Post).
  • Tim Fitzgerald discusses AFL-CIO right to addresses critical issues, and the perception that EC was not allowed to further discuss and weigh-in on issues.
  • President Struckman discusses that issues such as these should be reviewed as an agenda item in future meetings.

VII. Adjournment

  • Celeste Drake motions to adjourn. Sheila Lindsay seconds. Motion Passes. Meeting is adjourned at I :39 PM.
  • Next EC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21 – 7 PM.