July 18, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Present:  Jazmin Gargoum, Sam Nelson, Tim Fitzgerald, Cet Parks, David DeJesus, Elise Bryant, Justin Moyer, Amy Fitzgerald, Joel Gratz, Mark Pattison, Paul Reilly, Mark Gruenberg, Jeremy Sprinkle, Steve Cook, Sheila Lindsay, Matt Losak, Seth Dietz

Excused:  Bob Struckman, Ed Fortney, Gabe Gonzales

Meeting called to order at 7:13 PM.  A quorum was met – 13 EC members present

I. Financials

May 2018

  • Cet Park and Tim Fitzgerald provide update on May financials. Mark Pattison motions to approve, Steve Cook seconds.  Motion passes.

June 2018

  • Cet Park and Tim Fitzgerald provide update on June financials. Mark Pattison motions, Jazmin Gargoum seconds.  Motion passes.

Bob Paul Invoices (May & June)

  • Cet provides update on Bob Paul invoices.

II. New Business

Press Associates Renewal

  • Cet Parks discusses Press Associates renewal and request EC approval. Mark Gruenberg provided additional input on importance of Press Associates.  Matt Losak motions to approve payment to renew.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.  Mark Gruenberg and Jeremy Sprinkle abstain.  Motion Passes.

Don Slaiman – IBEW Representative

  • Requests resolution to send representative from local to attend AFL-CIO convention in Virginia, on August 9 through August 11, in support of right to work initiatives.
  • Mark Pattison/Sheila Lindsay and others discuss finding a local member delegate by board poll, and to authorize that person to be a delegate (possibly Dan Duncan) representing the local at the Virginia AFL-CIO conference.
  • Jazmin Gargoum to develop language to be used in a board poll. Sheila Lindsay agreed to reach out to Dan Duncan in regard to delegate request.

III. Old Business

Update on WBNG – Review by Auditors, Accountability of Officers, Committees & EC

  • Matt Losak requests (on behalf of Robert Struckman) any discussion accountability be deferred until Robert Struckman returns or EC next meeting.
  • Tim Fitzgerald speaks to audit update, that auditor list of services to be performed by audit firm is not in accordance with the motion that was passed by the membership, and payment of services will not be made without authorization.
  • After additional discussion Elise Bryant requests to defer the issue until Robert Struckman is present to contribute. Justin Moyer moves to defer issue to next meeting.  Sheila Lindsay seconds.
  • On accountability of officers, Justin Moyer motions to defer discussion until next meeting. Sam Nelson seconds. Tim Fitzgerald opposes.  Motion passes.          

New Program/CWA to Raise Money for Campuses

  • Sheila Lindsay, Jeremy Sprinkle and others discuss Committee on Political Education (COPE) program. Matt Losak motions to participate in program.  Jeremy Sprinkle seconds.  Motion passes.

Studies on Pay Disparities

  • Sheila Lindsay discusses and agrees to gather additional pay disparity information and report findings at next EC meeting. Steve Cook motions to have Robert Struckman follow up with TNG/CWA leadership for a pay disparity study at BNA to be used as a part of contract bargaining.  Matt Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.

PA AFL-CIO Cope Invitees

  • This item was declined in May and erroneously placed on agenda.

WBNG Labor Day Picnic(s)

  • Mark Pattison, Tim Fitzgerald, Sheila Lindsay, Matt Losak and others discuss how to better promote the Labor Day Picnic and Labor Night Out without overburdening staff. Jazmin and Elise agree to further discuss Labor Night Out. 
  • Sheila Lindsay suggest joining in with the Greenbelt Labor Day event and agrees to reach out to CLC – Greenbelt Labor Day Program participation and report back to Rick Ehrmann.

NC State AFL-CIO – Support for 2018 United Way

  • Jeremy Sprinkle and Sheila Lindsay discuss. Issue was on June EC Meeting agenda to make a contribution and report back this month on donation history and deferred to this meeting.
  • Issue is dropped, and no further discussion needed.

CWA 2018 District 2-13 Local Leadership Conference

  • Elise and others discuss participation in leadership conference.
  • Justin Moyer motions to table discussion until next meeting. Jazmin Gargoum seconds.  Motion passes.

Credit Card Policy Counters

  • This item was mistakenly added to this meeting agenda and will be deferred until next meeting.

T-Shirts and Other Items for Organizing

  • Steve Cook, Rick Ehrmann, Jeremy Sprinkle, Matt Losak and others discuss need to promote t-shits as organizing tool. Justin Moyer motions to defer discussion to address the needs of second largest unit (BNA) as it approaches bargaining.  Mark Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.

IV. Executive Director’s Report & Staff

Cet Parks

  • Advancement Project – Cet Parks – requests discretionary authority to file ULP for union discrimination regarding employee termination (Angelo Pinto). Justin motions to grant discretionary authority.  Matt Losak seconds.  Motion passes.
  • Lambda Legal – Cet Parks – requests discretionary authority to file a ULP should Lamda Legal implement an unlawful steward evaluation, which is subject to bargaining. Sheila Lindsay motions.  Seth Dietz seconds.  Motion passes.
  • AFL-CIO – Cet Parks – Requests EC approval of contract ratification. Justin Moyer motions to approve.  Matt Losak seconds.  Motion passes.
  • HPAE – Cet Park provides update on HPAE membership vote to join our local.
  • Lanetix – Cet provided update. NLRB charges still pending.  Seeking reimbursement from TNG/CWA for $10,000 legal cost.

Rick Ehrmann

  • Washington Post – Tentative agreement reached on Post contract negotiations. Post union employees voted to ratify contract agreement.  Cites this as the most difficult negotiations in past 20 years of contract bargaining.
  • Requests approval of settlement. Sheila motions to accept contract vote.  Justin Moyer seconds. Motion passes to approve Post Union contract.
  • Update on ANA bargaining.

Paul Reilly

  • CASA – Tentative agreement reached after eight months of bargaining. Sheila Lindsay motions to approve.  Steve Cook seconds.  Motion to approve passes.

Eric Geist

  • United Way – Update presented by Cet Parks. No significant issues reported

Bruce Jett

  • Update resented by Cet Parks. No significant issues reported.

V. Membership Report

  • Sheila Lindsay moves to approve May 23-July 18 report. Matt Losak seconds.  Motion passes.

VI. EC Minutes

June 26, 2018

  • Matt Losak motions to approve. Mark Pattison seconds. 
  • Discussion – Sheila makes correction to who moved and seconded the May 23 EC minutes. Mark Pattison motioned to approve and Mark Gruenberg seconded May 23 EC minutes.  Motion passes to accept amended minutes.

VII. Good and Welfare

  • This item was mistakenly left off the agenda. In discussion, Jazmin Gargoum did not have any new updates.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Seth Dietz motions for next EC meeting to be held on August 22, 2018 – 7 PM at Guild office. Justin Moyer seconds. Motion passes.
  • Meeting adjourns at 9:55 PM.