August 22, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Board Members Present:  Steve Cook, Dan Gabor, David DeJesus, Seth Dietz, Tim Fitzgerald, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Sheila Lindsay, Justin Moyer, Mark Pattison, Robert Struckman

Staff and Guests Present:  Cet Parks, Paul Reilly, Joel Gratz, Amy Lambrecht, Joe Moyer

Excused:  Benn Cooper, Lydia Ealey, Gabe Gonzalez, Freddy Kunkle, Matt Losak, Sam Nelson, Jeremy Sprinkle, Ramon Zepeda

Meeting called to order at 7:20 PM.  A quorum was not met, and meeting proceeded with discussion on items that did not require a vote.

I. Financials

July 2018

  • Tim Fitzgerald and Cet Parks provide update on July financials.

July 2018 (Bob Paul’s Invoices)

  • General discussion. Paul Reilly provides update on legal issues regarding Mikhail Romanov. 
  • Discussion on Bob Paul legal fees regarding AFL-CIO contract dispute/Struckman from two months ago, and on the July 2018 financial statement. Additional EC members inquired on the nature of the issue and expressed concerns.   
  • Dan Gabor (AFL-CIO unit chair) points out that discussions of this nature are not appropriate for a public meeting forum, and better served in a private meeting.

II. New Business


  • Cet Park discusses use segregated funds by unions as background on request by AFT-NEROP request to setup a special fund for union purposes (emergency needs and union resources).  Joe Moyer from AFT-NEROP presented additional details on issue.
  • Mark Pattison suggests that AFT-NEROP submit a written proposal to EC for consideration.
  • Cet Parks discusses vetting through Bob Paul for additional guidance, and that this request would need a vote at the September General Membership meeting. Additional discussion and concerns were expressed.

2018 Election

  • Cet Parks on behalf of Bob Struckman discusses use of an agency (FMCS or AAA) to run the upcoming elections (January 2019) rather than having the local conduct the elections and would be in best interest of the local.
  • Jazmin Gargoum discusses that there was an understanding that the local would take a look at issues from last election as a learning opportunity in being able to run its own elections. Additional concerns regarding cost for outside agency when those funds can be used to train our local to properly run elections.
  • Steve Cook in agreement and states we need to examine the process and that preparations should begin immediately.
  • Mark Gruenberg states that a committee should have been working on this and questions if this fell by the wayside. Also requested that President Struckman the election sub-committee should be doing.
  • Dave DeJesus asks what the impact of the agency to the local’s financials and will there be a proposal of agency services to review.
  • President Struckman discusses need to use neutral third party; has requested costs from FMCS and AAA and discusses costs could be in range of $4,000 – $5,000.

III. Old Business

Front Page Awards

  • Mark Gruenberg provides status update and will assess how many entries we have.
  • Sheila Lindsay suggests implementing a Front Page video or virtual awards program over social media platforms, to avoid going into a third year without a program (as double award ceremony). Sheila also suggests using past winners to serve on a committee or as competition judges.
  • Paul Reilly also points out main reason to hold the award program is organizing and mobilizing. Paul agreed to serve as lead assisting Mark Gruenberg. 


VA State AFL-CIO Convention

  • Dan Duncan served as our delegate. Detailed report in August 22, 2018 EC packet (page 10)

            Update on WBNG – Review by Auditors

  • There was no discussion or review of this item.

            Accountability of Officers

  • Mark Pattison makes suggestion to never placing this item in future agenda packets. Further discussion and was mutually agreed upon by EC members present.

            Credit Card Policy Counters

  • Steve Cook provides update on staff request for changes to policy. A major issue brought forward is that staff representatives are using their personal credit cards, having the effect of staff making loans to the Local. 
  • Remedy is proposing to have a total of four credit cards, instead of two which are held by Cet Parks and bookkeeper.
  • Also discussed issue on number of participants involved in a meeting, five or fewer versus ten or fewer.
  • Joel Gratz expressed concerns that policy language on number of cards may potentially create issues. Additional discussions to adopt credit card policy to be discussed at next EC meeting, due to lack of quorum at August 22 EC meeting.

            CWA 2018 District 2-13 Local Leadership Conference

  • Mark Pattison requests this item be dropped from future agendas due to timing issues (Multi-District Council Meeting, November membership meeting/nominations for 2019 election).


            T-Shirts and Other Items for Organizing

  • Steve Cook provides update on purchasing t-shirts for BNA and other units. May need 300 shirts for BBNA, possibly more if we distribute to others.  Jazmin Gargoum will provide costs of t-shirts.
  • Agreed to advance this item by a board poll.

IV. Executive Director’s Report & Staff

Cet Parks

  • Cet Parks provides update. Details in August 22, 2018 EC packet

            Rick Ehrmann (on vacation)

  • ANA issues discussed by Sheila Lindsay
  • Board Poll request for ANA contract approval
  • Board Poll request for ANA arbitration for unfair termination

            Paul Reilly

  • Board Poll request for Raw Story contract approval
  • Board Poll request for CASA contract approval
  • Board Poll request for BBNA ULP

            Eric Geist

  • Board Poll request United Way Worldwide contract approval
  • Board Poll request for Revolution Messaging for ULP

      Bruce Jett

  • Cet Parks provides update. Details in August 22, 2018 EC packet

V. Membership Report

  • EC approval postponed until next EC meeting

VI. EC Minutes

July 18, 2018

  • EC approval postponed until next EC meeting

July 23, 2018 Board Poll

  • EC approval postponed until next EC meeting

VII. Good and Welfare

Presiding at Meetings

  • Mark Pattison expressed concerns regarding how the July 2018 EC meeting was conducted and recommends that the highest ranking WBNG member present on-site at a meeting, should be responsible for running the meeting.
  • Mark recommends a change to our bylaws to address meeting concerns.
  • Steve Cook and others also agreed that we should adopt his practice as a common-sense approach to conducting meetings.
  • Jazmin Gargoum expressed concern of President Struckman’s recommendation to cancel the August 22, 2018 meeting, and recommends sending out a poll to schedule meeting dates immediately following each EC meeting, with the goal of encouraging member participation. Additional discussion followed on setting EC meeting dates in advance.
  • Discussion on setting meeting dates
  • Suggestion made to host a happy hour for Dan Gabor while visiting DC September 12-13.

VIII. Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourns at 9:38 PM.


Addendum to Minutes

Outstanding Issues from August 22, 2018 Executive Council Meeting due to lack of quorum (compiled by Mark Pattison).

Fellow Executive Council members,

In order to complete the work begun at yesterday’s Executive Council meeting, we will need to conduct a number of board polls.  Page numbers in parentheses refer to their location in the Executive Council packet distributed Tuesday.

AFT-NEROP segregated fund request, pending submission of text (no page)

T-shirt purchase, pending submission of text (no page)

September Executive Council meeting date, time, site (no page) – Poll Completed

ANA contract approval (page 24) – Poll Completed

Discretionary authority for arbitration in ANA termination case (page 25) – Poll Completed

Raw Story contract approval (page 26) – Poll Completed

Casa de Maryland contract approval (page 26)

Discretionary authority for ULP in BBNA failure to provide requested information in discharge case (page 26)

United Way Worldwide contract approval (page 27)

Discretionary authority for ULP in Revolution Messaging failure to provide bargaining information case (page 27)

Of secondary urgency, but will have to be dealt with either via board poll or through action at the next Executive Council meeting:

July financials (page 1)

Membership report (page 29)

July Executive council minutes (page 34)

The board poll (page 38) confirmation cannot be confirmed via board poll.

In solidarity,

Mark Pattison