January 31, 2019 – Executive Council Meeting

Present:  Jeremy Sprinkle, Lydia Ealey, Bill O’ Meara, Ed Fortney, Tamara McCalla, Bryan Nelson, Joel Gratz, David DeJesus, Michelle Wang, Sam Nelson, Mark Gruenberg, Don Griesheimer, Mark Pattison, Rick Ehrmann, Tim Fitzgerald, LaTisha Harvey, Paul Reilly, Fatima Hussein, Hau Chu, Jazmin Gargoum, Cet Parks, Justin Moyer, Steve Cook

I. Financials

Slevin & Hart, P.C. Invoice

  • Review of invoice from pension attorney regarding BNA bargaining.  No action necessary.

Baratz and Associates Invoice

  • Tim Fitzgerald – (as treasurer at that time) I refuse to sign off on Baratz payment because it was not what the membership asked for.  Membership had approved a motion for a forensic audit up to $10,000 and to select a company that would do this.  Baratz was selected, and stated this was not an audit, but instead a list of services former President Struckman had asked for.  
  • Since it did not meet the criteria of what the membership had mandated us to do, Baratz, officers and EC were told by Treasurer Fitzgerald that he would not sign off on this as treasurer.
  • Cet Park discusses that he did an annotated response to Baratz services.  Services were performed under WBNG and that they should be paid for the work we ask providers to do and prepared to approve payment.
  • Steve Cook – my understanding that Cet has the authority to pay the invoice and EC would have to act to deny it.
  • Tim disagrees and restates that no one approved this list of services – membership approved an audit.  We specifically asked Baratz if this was an audit and they said no.  Tim explained to Baratz that he would not sign off unless he received authorization from EC or the membership.  Additional discussions follow.
  • Mark Pattison motions that we pay the bill as presented by Baratz, seconded by Elise Bryant.  Additional discussion by other EC members follow.  
  • Justin Moyer calls the previous question to close the debate.  Motion to call question passes.
  • Motion passes to pay the Baratz invoice for $7,500.
  • Steve Cook recommends that the EC study the Baratz findings for further action to take if necessary, in future meetings.

Contract Extensions for Eric Geist/Bruce Jett

  • Cet discusses merits of extending the contracts for Eric Geist and Bruce Jet, and recommends contract extensions to continue the organizing momentum.
  • Cet requests a 13 week extension beginning February 4, 2019, through May 3, 2019.  Mark Gruenberg motions to extend the contract, seconded by Mark Pattison.  Motion passes to extend Eric Geist and Bruce Jett contracts.

II. New Business

Election Period Campaigning

  • No action/discussions

TNG New Local Officers Seminar

  • Cet Parks requests discretionary authority to send 12 officers to seminar – six local and six commuters (two spots are guaranteed).  Proposes that we pay for the seminar through the Darlene Meyer Education Fund, so it will not have a negative impact on our budget.  Additional discussion followed.
  • Motion presented and seconded by all to allow Cet Parks discretionary authority to send 12 officers to TNG New Local Officers seminar and financed through the Darlene Meyer Education Fund.  Motion passes.

UFCW Expense Grievance

  • Addressed in GMM meeting

Sector Conference Report

  • Discussion moves to next EC meeting

2019 Evening With Labor

  • Cet Parks/Rick Ehrmann discusses that this is most important DC Labor event, and our Local has been recognized.  
  • Participation via program ad and purchase of table to send new officers.  Steve Cook asks which budget line item this event will be funded from.   
  • Sam Nelson motions to purchase a table for 10 persons and a half-page ad, seconded by Elise Bryant.  Motion passes.

2019 DC Labor Fest

  • After discussion, Sam Nelson motions to support through a quarter-page ad for $250, seconded by Mark Gruenberg.
  • Jazmin Gargoum proposes hosting social event/happy hour at event, and Steve Cook encourages support of idea.
  • Motion passes to support 2019 Labor Fest through a quarter-page ad for $250.

NC State AFL-CIO Per Capita Increase and Thank You

  • Jeremy Sprinkle discusses no increase – no action needed.  Requests completion of Affiliate Membership Information Update Form. 

CSA Emergency Assistance Relief Program

  • Cet Parks/Mark Gruenberg and others discuss.  Mark Pattison moves to support CSA through contribution of $300, seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Motion passes to support CSA through contribution of $300.

EC Meeting Dates

  • President Cook discusses developing a calendar of EC meeting dates for the full year.  Discussion by Jazmin Gargoum to requests consideration of setting meeting dates at each meeting, with the intent to have the largest number of people to attend to have quorum, by setting dates quarterly or monthly. 
  • Discussed setting dates that will allow piggy backing General Membership dates.  Third Wednesday of each month was recommended.  
  • Mark Pattison motions to accept third Wednesday of month for EC meetings, beginning February 2019, seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Additional discussion by Jazmin Gargoum, LaTisha Harvey and others on concerns and procedures for properly informing members of meeting dates.  Steve Cook suggests putting forward a plan to address these concerns through committee in future meetings.
  • Motion passes to approve EC Meetings on third Wednesday of month beginning February 2019 except when there is a General Membership meeting.

III.    Membership Report 

Dec 19 – Jan 31, 2019

  • Cet discusses.  Stats will be in next EC Meeting Packet.  Dave DeJesus motions to approve, seconded by Mark Pattison.  Motion passes to approve membership report.

IV. EC Minutes 

November 17, 2018

  • Mark Pattison moves to adopt minutes, seconded by many.  Motion passes to adopt minutes.

Small Unit & Members Meeting Minutes

  • Ed Fortney discusses concerns regarding nomination of Tim Fitzgerald for Small Units and withdrawal from Treasurer campaign.
  • Tim Fitzgerald discusses actions he took to suspend his campaign for Treasurer position.
  • Joel Gratz questions how you can accept nominations for two offices
  • Justin Moyer motions to call question to refer the issue to the ERC, seconded by many.  Additional discussions follow.  Motion passes to call question.
  • Motion passes to refer issue to ERC.
  • Ed Fortney and Tim Fitzgerald are requested to submit their positions on the issue to the ERC.  Tim Fitzgerald and Tammy to remain on council until the issue is resolved.

V. Good & Welfare

  • Jazmin Gargoum requests that we go beyond 15 days required to send a mailing in an attempt to be better about emailing information out to small unit members to have a better presence at meetings.
  • Ed Fortney responds in agreement and that there is a need to increase turn out at these meetings.  Would like to call a small unit meeting in next few months to dress the issue.  Ed and Jazmin agree to work together to come up with ideas and possible solutions.

VI. Adjournment

  • Mark Pattison motions to adjourn seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Meeting adjourns at 9:55 PM

VII.    Personnel Caucus

  • Staff Union contract is up for Paul and Rick – committee established to review contract will include Cet Parks, Steve Cook, Tim Fitzgerald, Peter Brusoe, Justin Moyer and Elise Bryant.