February 27, 2019 – Executive Council Meeting

Present:  Elise Bryant, Hau Chu, Steve Cook, Ben Cooper, Lillyanne Daigle, David DeJesus, Lydia Ealey, Tim Fitzgerald, Ed Fortney, Dan Gabor, Don Griesheimer, Mark Gruenberg, LaTisha Harvey, Fatima Hussein, Fred Kunkle, Katie Mettler, Justin Moyer, Sam Nelson, Bryan Nelson, Bill O’Meara, Mark Pattison, Ben Soloway, Jeremy Sprinkle, Carolyn Steptoe, Robert Struckman, Michelle Wang

Staff & Guests:  Rick Ehrmann, Cet Parks, Paul Reilly

I. Membership Report 

  • Mark Gruenberg motions to approve report and seconded by Justin Moyer.  Motion Passes.

II. Executive Director’s & Staff Report

Cet Parks

  • RFA – arbitration preparations are continuing on Huidong Cao arbitration
  • UFCW – UFCW rescinded Brian O’Konski’s notice of unsatisfactory performance after EC gave approval to arbitrate.
  • Advancement Project – request discretionary authority to arbitrate managements pro-rated salary increase.  Mark Gruenberg motions to approve, seconded by Justin Moyer.  Motion passes.
  • NLOS Officer’s Seminar – Requests discretionary authority to use the Darlene Meyer Fund to send newly elected officers to training session, up to $6K for training expenses.  Justin Moyer motions to approve, seconded by Mark Pattison.  Motion Passes.

Staff Report

  • Rick Ehrmann, Paul Reilly Eric Geist. Bruce Jett – no action items.

III. Minutes

  • December 19, 2018 and January 31, 2019 Minutes – After minor corrections, Executive Council motions to approve and seconded by many.  
  • Motion passes to approve December 19, 2018 and January 31, 2019 minutes.

IV. Financials

  • FY 18 Audited Financial Statements – Bill Monroe moved to next meeting.  Cet Parks reviews revenue report.

V. Old Business

  • Sector Council Report – Motion from Freddy to accept and Justin Moyer seconds.  Motion passes.

VI. New Business

Appeal of ERC – Fitzgerald – Ed Fortney Question

  • Robert Struckman discusses his appeal, followed by discussion.
  • Justin Moyer called question to close debate and vote on the issue, seconded by Hau Chu.  Motion passes.
  • Bryan Nelson motions to overturn the ERC decision on Small Units Election and unseat Tim Fitzgerald, seconded by Freddy Kunkle.  Motion fails.

Joel Gratz Email

  • Discussion by many regarding election communication failures from the Guild and formal apology for providing incorrect information 
  • Mark Gruenberg motions to issue formal apology to Joel Gratz, Nancy Banks and Elise Bryant, seconded by Mark Pattison. Justin Moyer calls the question, seconded by Hau Chu. Motion Passes
  • Additional questions on updated minutes for November GMM were addressed.

Save the Date Labor Notes Conference 2020

  • No action taken

TNG-CWA President’s Election

  • Cet Parks discusses upcoming TNG President’s election and balloting process.  Motion made by Mark Gruenberg for WBNG to use TNG resources to mail election ballots to members.  Mark Pattison seconds.  Motions Passes.
  • Bill O’Meara – speaks to TNG Growth Fund initiative funding issues and requests to speak on the issue at the next EC meeting.

VII. Personnel Caucus

  • Cet Parks discusses tentative agreement on recent employee contract negotiations, including comp time cash outs, wage increases, vacation, holidays, health insurance, education allowances, severance pay language, transit and cell phone expenses, leave, life insurance and contract terms.
  • Mark Gruenberg motions to approve professional staff employee contract tentative agreement, seconded by Justin Moyer.  Motion Passes.


  • Motion to adjourn meeting and seconded by many.  Motion passes and meeting is adjourned at 9:20 PM.