September 21, 2019 – Executive Council Meeting

Minutes of Executive Council meeting of SEPTEMBER 21, 2019

Present: Steve Cook (Bloomberg Industries Group), president; Elise Bryant (at-large), vice president; Justin Moyer (Washington Post), treasurer; Bryan Nelson (HPAE); Mark Pattison (Catholic News Service); Ben Soloway (Foreign Policy); Jeremy Sprinkle (North Carolina AFL-CIO); Hau Chu, Tom Jackman, Freddy Kunkle (Post); Don Griesheimer (American Nurses Association); Fatima Hussein (BIG); Tim Fitzgerald (American Postal Workers Union).

Staff: Cet Parks (executive director), Bruce Jett (organizer). The quorum of a majority was not met.

Excused: Ben Cooper 9BIG), Scott Dance (Baltimore Sun), David DeJesus (Post); Mark Gruenberg (at-large).

Executive Council member LaTisha Harvey is no longer employed by BIG.

Minutes: The July meeting minutes were reviewed. Both Kunkle and Fitzgerald said they were present during the meeting, with the record corrected to reflect that.

Financial report: The July report reflected another monthly gain, while the fiscal year to date still shows a loss. Ideas on how to protect the local’s financial health were discussed. The need for a strategy to be developed was among those ideas. Parks asked members with ideas to pass them along to Moyer.

HPAE investigation: Hussein, who had been appointed as the prosecutor in the investigation into charges levied by an HPAE member against Nelson, reported on the outcome of her investigation. She said probably cause does not exist to file charges against Nelson. She said she will consult with local attorney Bob Paul to see whether the decision is appealable.

New business: All business scheduled to be resolved during the September meeting will have to be considered for the October meeting.

The next Executive Council meeting is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, OCT. 16, at 7 P.M., at the local’s Washington officer, 1225 Eye St. NW, #300.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Pattison (CNS)