November 05, 2016 – Executive Council Meeting

  • Council members acknowledged at the onset of the meeting that most of the work of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild local took place during the immediately preceding General Membership assembly.
  • Executive Director Cet Parks noted that WBNG got credit and good will from the Virginia AFL-CIO for the local’s writing of a letter opposing right-to-work legislation making it illegal for workplaces to require mandatory labor union membership for employees as a condition of employment. A ballot measure Nov. 8 asked voters to approve the addition of such language to the U.S. Constitution. Opposition to the measure prevailed. Right-to-work states such as Virginia, however, maintain the law in their statutes.
  • Council received an update on a grievance at the AFL-CIO.
  • Council approved donations to Tenants and Workers United (Montgomery County) and to the MoCo Renters Alliance.
  • Council approved a donation to the Metropolitan Baltimore Central Labor Council Community Services Agency.
  • The next Executive Council meeting was set for Dec. 14 in Washington.