March 24, 2021 – Executive Council Meeting

Washington-Baltimore News Guild
Executive Council Meeting Minutes
Date of Meeting: March 24, 2021

Present: Sarah Adkinson, Peter Brusoe, Carl Charles, Dave DeJesus, Graham Fortier, Dan Gabor, Nina Goldman, Fatima Hussein, Tom Jackman, Freddy Kunkle, Marissa Lang, Katie Mettler, Justin Moyer, Sam Nelson, Mark Pattison, Prateek Rebala, Lillian Reed, Grace Sheedy, Jeremy Sprinkle, Michelle Wang, Emily Woodall, Joe Yerardi

Excused: Jason Albright, Elise Bryant, Hau Chu

Staff & Guests: Cet Parks, Evan Yeats, Paul Reilly

Meeting called to order at 8:35PM

I. Minutes

  • February 17, 2021 – Peter Brusoe motioned to approve minutes and seconded by Dan Gabor. Motion Passed.

II. Old Business

Board Poll (Organizing)

  • Graham Fortier motioned to grant Washington Baltimore News Guild Local staff discretionary authority to organize [Redacted] and seconded by Dan Gabor. Motion Passed.
  • Board Poll (Mike Elk) – Justin Moyer motions for [Redacted], seconded by Fatima Hussein. Motion Passed.

Staff Vacation Balances

  • After discussion on staff workload, burnout and vacation balances Peter Brusoe motioned to have Cet Parks direct a memo listing hour of vacation and encourage staff to take vacation time allocated to them.
  • Dan Gabor recommended joining a meeting TBD of the administrative and operations committee to better understand staff needs (i.e., training, additional staffing). Peter Brusoe withdraws his motion in favor of this meeting.

ERC Committee Appointment

  • A decision was made to defer this discussion to the next EC meeting.

III. Adjournment

  • Dan Gabor motioned to adjourn the regular EC meeting in order to have discussions under Personnel Caucus. The motion was seconded by Mark Pattison. Motion Passed and meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

IV. Personnel Caucus

Staff Stipend Discussion

  • Cet Parks provided background on staff request for stipend during pandemic to defray working from home costs. Staff requests $750 retroactively from March 2020 through March 2021, $150/month going forward through January 2022.
  • A counteroffer was made for $500 lump sum payment which was rejected by the staff, and staff requested formal bargaining. Cet recommended establishing a bargaining committee to address the concerns.
  • After further discussion Peter Brusoe motioned to appoint a bargaining committee to address the staff concerns. The motion was seconded by Dan Gabor. Motioned Passed.
  • Staff bargaining committee (EC) will include Justin Moyer, Freddy Kunkle, Sarah Adkinson, Dan Gabor, and Cet Parks.
  • Steve Cook motioned to adjourn the Personnel Caucus and was seconded. Personnel Caucus adjourned at 10:24 PM.