March 21, 2017 – Executive Council Meeting

  • Council approved the most recent financial reports, including the January and February legal bills, and the invoice for the Original/Index of Transcript of the hearing over a WBNG member’s complaint to the Election and Referendum Committee.
  • After learning that there was nothing in staff reports requiring board action, Council tabled the review of the Executive Director’s and Local Representatives’ reports.
  • [The rest of the Council meeting was given over to the Election Appeal.] Council reviewed: the original (Feb. 1) complaint about the January ballot results; the Election and Referendum Committee’s dismissal of the complaint (Feb. 7); and the appeal itself (Feb. 8 and March 10). Council then heard testimony regarding the complaint, the ERC action, and the appeal, and made recommendations to the General Membership. The matter was to be taken up by the membership at its April 1 meeting in Baltimore.