June 02, 2018 – General Membership Meeting

Present:  Robert Struckman, Cet Parks, Seth Dietz, David DeJesus, Keith Barnes, Sally Davidow, Paul Reilly, Elise Bryant, Steve Cook, Mark Pattison

Phone:  Joel Gratz, Luke Canfora, Juanita Sanchez, Justin Moyer, Maya Goines, Scott Reynolds, Marcus Trammell, and others

Excused – Sheila Lindsay, Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Ramon Zepeda

President Struckman calls meeting to order at 10:04 AM

I. Officers Report

  • President’s Report – President Struckman provided a general update on initiatives and best practices regarding policy and procedures to assist in our local’s efforts. 
  • Secretary’s Report – No update presented.

II. GMM Minutes

  • February 10, 2018 – Maya Goines notes spelling correction of name on February minutes.  Dave DeJesus moved to accept February minutes.  Seth Dietz seconds.  Motion passes.
  • April 7, 2018 – Joel Gratz requests that language in minutes fully reflect description of “targeted forensic audit”. Dave DeJesus motions to approve April minutes, seconded by Seth Dietz.  Motion passes.

III. New Business

  • No new business issues dis

IV. New Business

  • No new business issues discussed.

V. For The Good of the Order

  • Members Marcus Trammell and Joel Gratz discuss idea of webinar/conference system used by AFL-CIO for field meetings, can be adopted by our local to enable greater participation in meetings for members who participate remotely.

VI. Executive Council and Staff Reports

  • No staff reports were presented.

A motion to adjourn was made; Mark Pattison seconds.  Motion passes.  Meeting is adjourned at 10:20 AM.