July 18, 2020 – Executive Council Meeting

Washington-Baltimore News Guild
Executive Council Meeting Minutes
July 18, 2020

Present:  Elise Bryant, Peter Brusoe, Hau Chu, Carl Charles, Steve Cook, David DeJesus, Tim Fitzgerald, Joel Gratz, Don Griesheimer, Fatima Hussein, Tom Jackman, Fred Kunkle, Marissa Lang, Tamara McCalla, Katie Mettler, Justin Moyer, Sam Nelson, Bryan Nelson, Bill O’Meara, Mark Pattison, Scott Reynolds, Michelle Wang

Excused:  Jazmin Gargoum, Mark Gruenberg, Rick Ehrmann

Staff & Guests:  Bruce Jett, Cet Parks, Paul Reilly

Meeting called to order at 11:24 AM

I.     Minutes

June 17, 2020 – Peter Brusoe motioned to approve and was the motion was seconded by Bill O’Meara. Correction made to reflect Peter Brusoe missed 1st half of that meeting.  Motion Passed.

II.    Membership Report

June 17, 2020 – July 18, 2020. Don Griesheimer motioned to approve and seconded by Peter Brusoe.  Motion Passed.

III.   Executive Director’s Report & Staff

Cet Parks

RFA – Cet Parks requested discretionary authority to arbitrate if necessary, the Michelle Wang disciplinary action regarding a work from home test run action. Elise Bryant motioned to approve the request and the motion was seconded.  Motion Passed.   

HPAE – Update by Bryon Nelson for an arbitration for a terminated employee that was previously approved by the EC. A settlement agreement was reached, and no further action was required.

Paul Reilly

RAINN – Paul Reilly requested approval of RAINN new five-year contract. Peter Brusoe motioned to approve, and the motion seconded Don Griesheimer.  Motion Passed.

Eric Geist

No action items

Bruce Jett

No action items

IV.   Financials

Cet Parks presented a summary of financial highlights for the period ending May 31, 2020, which ended in a surplus. Don Griesheimer motioned to approve May 2020 Financial Report, seconded by Scott Reynolds.  There was further discussion regarding governing with caution due to the pandemic related effects on business units and pending contract revenue.  Motion Passed.

V.    Old Business

No action items

VI.   New Business

NC State Online Convention Call

President Steve Cook requested that we table this discussion until next EC meeting in August until Jeremy Sprinkle can speak on the issue. Peter Brusoe motioned to grant Cet Parks discretionary authority to send delegates to the convention if approved by the local unit.  The motion was seconded by Elise Bryant. 

After further discussion Don Griesheimer offered a friendly amendment to send up to three delegates, which was accepted by Peter Brusoe. The motion was revised by Peter Brusoe to send one delegate to the convention.  Motion Passed.      

VII.   Good & Welfare

Peter Brusoe provided an update on the Front-Page Awards, and that there were a record number of nominations for the award. The committee is hoping to have a date for the awards program in the fall.

Bill O’ Meara informed EC that his proposal to streamline the arbitration approval process is still on the table, and that we should seek to resolve this issue by the next EC meeting, for an up or down vote. Katie Mettler suggested having someone to lead a working group to move the discussions along.  Peter Brusoe offered to step up to lead the committee and report out to EC one week prior to next EC meeting (August 12).

Elise Bryant – update on the Coalition of Labor Union Women who will present a town hall meeting – SNAP – on August 6.

There was discussion about forming a safety committee on Covid-19 related return to work issues and its impact on bargaining. President Steve Cook will send an email to unit chairs to ask for volunteers to participate on this committee.

VIII.  Personnel Caucus

No action items.

IX.    Adjournment

Mark Pattison motioned to adjourn and seconded by Peter Brusoe. Meeting adjourned at 12:17 PM.