December 07, 2109 – Executive Council Meeting


Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

DECEMBER 7, 2019


Present: Steve Cook (Bloomberg Industries Group), president; Elise Bryant (at-large), vice president; Justin Moyer (Washington Post), treasurer; at-large delegates: Joel Gratz (AFL-CIO), Katie Mettler (Post); Washington Post: Marissa Lang; Small Units and Members: Tim Fitzgerald (American Postal Workers Union), Mark Gruenberg (at-large); Mark Pattison (Catholic News Service); Jeremy Sprinkle (North Carolina AFL-CIO).

Excused: David DeJesus (Post).

Absent: AFL-CIO: Dan Gabor; Agence France-Presse: Rob Lever; American Nurses Association: Don Griesheimer; Baltimore Sun: Scott Dance; Bloomberg Industries Group: Ben Cooper, Hassan Kanu; Radio Free Asia: Karma Zurkhang; United Food and Commercial Workers: Lydia Ealey; Washington Post: Tom Jackman, Fred Kunkle; at-large delegates: Hau Chu (Post), Fatima Hussein (BIG), Michelle Wang (Radio Free Asia); Small Units and Members: Lillyanne Daigle (E-L & Associates), Ed Fortney (SEIU 500), Tamara McCalla (HPAE), Bryan Nelson (HPAE), Sam Nelson (Jobs With Justice), Bill O’Meara (at-large), Ben Solowey (Foreign Policy).

  • There was no quorum.
  • All items and potential agenda items were covered during the general membership meeting which immediately preceded the Executive Council meeting.
  • Cook adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Pattison (Catholic News Service)

Washington Baltimore News Guild