December 19, 2018 – Executive Council Meeting

Present:  The following Board Members were present either in person or by telephone, which constituted a quorum: 

Peter Brusoe, Elise Bryant, Steve Cook, Dave DeJesus, Seth Dietz, Tim Fitzgerald, Ed Fortney, Dan Gabor, Gabe Gonzalez, Joel Gratz, Mark Gruenberg, Fred Kunkle, Sheila Lindsay, Matt Losak, Justin Moyer, Mark Pattison, Bob Struckman

Staff and Guests Present:  Rick Ehrmann, Paul Reilly, Cet Parks

Excused: Jazmin Gargoum, Sam Nelson

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. 

I. New Business

Censure of Treasurer Tim Fitzgerald

  • Steve Cook motions to remove censure of Treasurer Tim Fitzgerald from the December 19, 2018 meeting agenda.  Seconded by Dave DeJesus.  Discussion by many followed.
  • Bob Struckman as chair who originally created the censure item, has elected to remove it from the agenda.
  • Question was called on discussion. Gabe Gonzalez motions and seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Motion to call the question passes.
  • Motion passes to remove Censure of Treasurer, Tim Fitzgerald from the agenda.

II. Financials

Summary of Financial Highlights – November 2018

  • Cet Parks provides a recap of November financials.  Mark Pattison moves to accept and seconded by Gabe Gonzalez.  Motion passes to approve November financials.

 October 2018 and Bob Paul Invoice

  • Cet Parks provides recap, including Slevin & Hart pension attorneys update.  Gabe Gonzalez motions to accept October 2018 and Bob Paul invoice, seconded by many.  Motion passes.

III. New Business

NOVA Delegate Request

  • Peter Brusoe motions to accept Don Slaiman as NOVA delegate, seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Motion passes to accept Don Slaiman as NOVA delegate.

NY Pride (National Pride)

  • Gabe Gonzales speaks to issue.  Peter Brusoe motions for WBNG will support NY Pride with a $750 investment in organizing. Seconded by Matt Losak.  Motion passes.

Organizing Campaign Confidentiality

  • Cet discuses Bruce Jett’s report on issue that one of Bruce’s campaign details confidentiality may have been unintentionally breached.  Further discussion regarding importance of maintaining confidentiality of organizing.  

Baratz and Associates Audit Report

  • Fred Kunkle motions to accept the report.  Seconded by Peter Brusoe.   
  • Freddy proposes to accept with suggestions of friendly amendments (i.e., to appoint a committee to look into key areas of report, make additional recommendations). 
  • Motion passes to accept the Baratz Report in the spirit of the preceding discussions listed above. 
  • Peter Brusoe discusses recommendations/written responses from Executive Director on report items with recommendations/responses.
  • Matt Losak suggests EC involvement in response to Executive Director’s written response to the Baratz report.  Additional discussion regarding highlighting key issues (per diem, lost time, etc.).

Email Regarding Bookkeeper Interview (Amber Blado)

  • Bob Struckman provides general background and overview of the issue.  Important to note that this is an allegation of misconduct, and not proof of misconduct.  Raises issues how are to articulate our values and to respond procedurally.
  • Cet Parks provides background for context and further discussions and suggestions made by Matt Losak, Peter Brusoe, Joel Gratz, Freddy Kunkle, Tim Fitzgerald, Elise Bryant, Sheila Lindsay and others.  Agreement that procedures, best practices and establishment of policies are needed to minimize disputes, misunderstandings and complaints.

CWA Constitution, Article 19

  • Related to the Tim Fitzgerald censure item and was removed from this agenda.

Setting EC Meeting Dates Via Doodle Poll

  • Elise Bryant (Jazmin Gargoum) motions to change our current practice of setting meeting dates.
  • Motion is seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Additional discussion followed.  Motion fails to change current practice of setting meeting dates.

IV. Old Business

  • None

V. Executive Director’s Report & Staff

Cet Parks

  • CLC Contract – Request approval to approve the national CLC contract.  Gabe Gonzalez moves to approve national contract, seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Motion passes.

Rick Ehrmann

  • ANA – Requests discretionary authority to arbitrate the Florence Nampera termination case.  Motion made by Matt Losak to approve request for discretionary authority to arbitrate the case and seconded by Gabe Gonzalez.  Motion passes.

Paul Reilly

  • No action items

Eric Geist

  • No action items

Bruce Jett

  • No action items

VI. Membership Report

November 17-Dec. 19, 2018

  • Gabe Gonzales motions to approve membership report, seconded by Peter Brusoe.  Motion passes.

VII. EC Minutes

November 17, 2018

  • Peter Brusoe motions to approve, seconded by Gabe Gonzales.  Motion passes.

VII. Good & Welfare

  • Robert Struckman commends Gabe Gonzales for his outstanding work on Lambda Legal

IX. Personnel Caucus    

  • Cet Park discusses Nancy Banks and Shirley Cherry contract. Committee came to agreement on every item discussed.  
  • Cet Parks provides overview of key changes – approves Nancy Banks carryover gap, allow employees to work flexible schedules, 2.5% raise and annex, Nancy Banks upgrade to office manager position, correction to bereavement leave, severance updates, parking increases and seat trip increases, LTD will explore options at a later date, approve $25 monthly phone reimbursement,
  • Peter Brusoe motions to adopt changes as Cet described, seconded by Mark Gruenberg.  Motion passes.

X. Adjournment

  • Gabe Gonzales motions to adjourn, seconded by Peter Brusoe.  Motion passes and meeting is adjourned at 9:20 PM.
  • Next EC Meeting scheduled for January 31, 2019 – 7 PM at WBNG offices