WBNG issues Statement of Support for the NEASO

Washington-Baltimore News Guild

Washington, DC, July 10, 2024 – The Washington-Baltimore News Guild issued the following statement:

“Union staff are entitled to the same rights as all other workers. They have employers, just like other workers. The move by the National Education Association to illegally lockout their workers, members of the NEA Staff Organization instead of resolving issues through bargaining is unacceptable.  Using the playbook of the most reviled employers is not a recipe for strong labor-management relations. 

At WBNG, we know that unions sometimes make the worst employers. But they don’t have to. NEA President Becky Pringle should immediately end the lockout and resume good-faith bargaining with the NEASO. The workers at NEA deserve a fair contract that provides fair pay and benefits, a voice in their work, and the mobility and flexibility to be successful. 

WBNG members will continue to proudly show our solidarity with NEASO and all workers in our shared fight for the rights we all deserve.” 


The Washington-Baltimore News Guild is the union of more than 3,000 news, information, nonprofit and labor organization workers in the mid-Atlantic and beyond. Together, we hold our employers accountable and ensure that our workplaces reflect our values, which include ensuring everyone is free from harassment and retaliation, earns equal pay for equal work and has a voice in their workplace.

For more information, please contact dgabor@wbng.org.