WBNG Election Results

The Washington-Baltimore News Guild, Local 32035 Election and Referendum Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2020 election for delegates to the Executive Council.  The following candidates ran uncontested:
Fatima Hussein, Bloomberg, President
Katie Mettler, Washington Post, Vice President
Justin Moyer, Washington Post, Treasurer
David DeJesus, Washington Post, Secretary
The following candidates, listed in alphabetical order, were elected as delegates to the Executive Council:  
Sarah Adkisson, Bloomberg
Jason Albright, Bloomberg
Peter Brusoe, Bloomberg
Elise Bryant, Unaffiliated
Carl Charles, Lambda Legal 
Hau Chu, Washington Post
Graham Fortier, AFL-CIO
Daniel Gabor, AFL-CIO
Nina Goldman, Foreign Policy
Thomas Jackman, Washington Post
Fredrick Kunkle, Washington Post
Marissa Lang, Washington Post
Samuel Nelson, Jobs with Justice
Mark Pattison, Catholic News Service 
Pratheek Rebala, Center for Public Integrity 
Lillian Reed, Baltimore Sun
Grace Sheedy, AFL-CIO
Jeremy Sprinkle, North Carolina AFL-CIO 
Michelle Wang, Radio Free Asia
Emily Woodall, League of Conservation Voters
Joseph Yerardi, Center for Public Integrity
The ERC thanks everyone for their participation, patience and cooperation.
Your Election and Referendum Committee
Tammy Madison 
Luke Canfora 
Mallory Brangan