It’s unanimous: Post Guild contract extension is ratified!

It’s unanimous: Post Guild members voted 181-0 on Tuesday to approve the 8-month extension to our contract that was agreed upon by Post Guild leadership and Post management.

As a reminder, this agreement will keep the integrity of our job protections in place as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, as well as: 
  • Grant all Guild-eligible employees across the board raises ($15/week or $0.40/hour), which will go into effect this July;
  • Formally ratify language for the increased 401(k) match and improved parental leave policy announced last year.
In this interim period, while we wait to return to the office and to the bargaining table, know that Post Guild leadership is exploring ways to keep lines of communication open with the company so we can advocate for those issues core to our mission. 

We’re also actively discussing how to keep our Guild energy alive during this WFH period. And we’re eager to hear your ideas! Please email us or reach out in Guild slack. 

And a reminder: Please take 10 minutes to complete the company’s Coronavirus Impact Survey by next Tuesday, May 26. Any time Post management asks us directly what we want and need from them, we should jump on the opportunity. Some things we’ve heard you ask over the last month or so that could be worth raising in the survey: 
  • Will The Post consider reimbursing employees for WFH equipment or provide everyone a stipend to purchase what we need? 
  • Will The Post offer coronavirus testing or antibody testing for all employees before we return to the office? 
  • Will The Post consider allowing parents to activate the parental leave policy during this WFH period — even if they don’t have a newborn?
Post Guild leadership 
Post Guild Bargaining Committee