Indivisible Staff File for Union Representation

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, the staff of the Indivisible Project, an organization built to work for and support thousands of grassroots groups across all 50 states in the fight for real progressive change, formed a union.

A supermajority of Indivisible employees in Washington D.C. and across the country filed a union election petition with the National Labor Relations Board to request representation by the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, Local 32035 of The News Guild-Communication Workers of America, AFL-CIO. Because employees believe the Indivisible Project has an obligation to embody its values, the Indivisible Union organizing committee requests that leadership voluntarily recognize the Union and work in good faith with employees to create a workplace where everyone is valued and employees have a meaningful stake in the future of the Indivisible Project.

The values that have guided the work of Indivisible are the same values that inspired the formation of this union. In just a few years, Indivisible transformed from a concise guide to help people resist the Trump administration into an organization that, through its grassroots activists, is successfully pushing for lasting progressive change at all levels of government. The union is a continuation of this work. 

“We ask Indivisible’s leadership team to respect and support their employees by honoring our resolve to form a union and to gain a stronger say in the decision-making process of our organization,” the organizing committee said. “We believe in Indivisible and we believe that through collective bargaining the work we do together can only become more impactful.”

“Indivisible understands that we are all made stronger when we ground ourselves in solidarity.” the organizing committee said. “From the vendors we work with to the organizations that we’re proud to call our partners, Indivisible has always supported unions. We call on Indivisible leadership to support us too.”

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To contact Bruce Jett with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild, call 703-627-4547 or email