Member Petition Prompts New Consideration of Special Audit

Ice and freezing temperatures canceled the union meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 21, and so all business destined for that meeting has been pushed ahead to the General Membership meeting on April 7 at the union office, 1225 I Street NW, Suite 300, and to the Executive Council meeting following it. 

One of the main items of business in the General Membership meeting will be a presentation by our union’s auditor, Bill Monroe of Haley and Associates. 

Afterwards, the general membership will consider the issue of conducting a special audit and review of the past five years of union expenses. The consideration of the subject comes after a petition, submitted by Joel Gratz (AFL-CIO) on Wednesday, March 14, with 67 verified signatures from five units, called for a vote on a special audit of the local’s finances. 

The meeting of the WBNG executive council will immediately follow the general membership meeting.