State of the Union

With the announcements that staff at Raw Story Media, The Real News Network, and the Democratic Socialists of America all have received voluntary recognition of the Guild as their exclusive bargaining representative, the WBNG roster now shows 36 individual shops.   

Local 32035 is in negotiations over initial contracts with:

  • The Advancement Project, a Washington-based nonprofit at which a 15-member Guild shop was organized in January.
  • The American Prospect, a publication that appears four times a year in print and offers daily news coverage and commentary at The 8-member Guild bargaining unit was voluntarily recognized by management in April and began bargaining in June. 

A local union that has represented journalists for more than 80 years, WBNG has 30 collective bargaining agreements in place with 29 employers. The Washington Post unit is the only Local 32035 shop currently in negotiations over an expired contract.

An agreement covering more than 850 Guild-covered employees at the Post expired June 10.