WBNG Adds Two Bargaining Units

Staff of The Real News Network and of the Democratic Socialists of America have received voluntary recognition of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild as their exclusive bargaining representative.

The union-seeking workers at the Baltimore-based progressive news organization known as TRNN comprise journalists, studio and information-technology employees, and fundraisers. The organizing effort culminated in an online petition in late July, with CEO Paul Jay signing a recognition agreement almost immediately.

The workers said in their petition that they were joining the Guild “in an effort to strengthen our work and to help The Real News fulfill its mission … [its] vital role in the international, national, and local media landscape.”

“Our goal is to bring the Real News’ vision into focus by joining a larger community of other media professionals dedicated to protecting independent media and empowering ourselves as workers.”

At the Washington office of the Democratic Socialists of America, staffers likewise see their mission as one that empowers workers.

In a statement announcing the successful organizing campaign, DSA employees explained that “unionizing is a natural extension of the principles that guide [our] work … advocating for sustainable working conditions and a workplace where all are treated with dignity and respect.”

A union that has represented Washington-area journalists for more than 80 years, CWA Local 32035 now has 36 individual shops. WBNG has 30 collective bargaining agreements in place with 29 employers and is in negotiations over initial contracts with Raw Story Media, the FP Group (ForeignPolicy.com), the Advancement Project, and The American Prospect (prospect.org).