Bloomberg-BNA Correspondents Unit Wins in New Three-Year Deal

The Bloomberg-BNA unit of about two dozen correspondents based outside of the Washington area ratified a new contract in July that mirrors most of the features in the three-year deal signed by the larger BBNA Guild unit earlier this year.

In the latest Correspondents contract, Guild members will receive raises of 3.15 percent to 4.55 percent, said WBNG Local Representative Paul Reilly. “And compared with the larger unit’s deal,” Reilly said, “the Correspondents agreement has better language on the use of contractors.”

BBNA correspondents report on state regulations and legislation affecting labor, medical, insurance, and environmental issues. The Guild has been representing employees of the former Bureau of Nationals Affairs since 1938, when it was owned by what would become U.S. News and World Report. From 1947 to 2011, BNA was employee-owned.

BNA was purchased by Bloomberg in 2011.