Guild Proposes Major Improvements; BBNA Proposes Gutting Contract

The Guild Tuesday delivered a proposal for a new contract, containing pay raises ranging up to eight percent a year; a sharp increase in new parent leave; reduced health costs; student loan aid; improved vacation provisions; improved 401(k) matching; and much more.

BBNA proposed two contracts — yes, that’s correct. BOTH would attack job security; give BBNA the right to unilaterally slash medical benefits and increase employee costs; ultimately end retiree health care; eliminate the right to flexible work arrangements; give BBNA the right to employ a “shadow” workforce of “contractors”; give BBNA the right to unilaterally exclude employees from Guild protec- tion; change or issue new work policies without bargaining; slash overtime; give BBNA the right to bar employees from doing outside work; eliminate the Guild Sick Leave Bank; and make an all-out assault on the Guild’s ability to represent the employees.

As part of BBNA’s unique two-contract tactic, if we don’t agree to its slightly less draconian pro- posal by December 15, it threatens to also to slash the pension, freeze salaries, and end vacation carry- over except in very limited circumstances. They also want to end the 401(k) automatic one percent con- tribution and cut the company match for new hires.

The less draconian proposal would provide pay raises ranging from 2.5 percent to 4 percent, and preserve the pension and 401(k). That’s the carrot.

Neither proposal includes any improvements — no increase in new parent leave; no increase in 401(k) contributions; no student loan debt help — nothing.

The Guild proposed wage increases of 8 percent for Band A employees, 7 percent in Band B, 6 percent for Band C, and 5 percent for Band D;

The Guild called on BBNA to dramatically increase new parent leave — proposing 16 weeks paid leave for new parents, up from the current three weeks.

We told management we want to reduce health insurance costs by eliminating premiums and re- ducing the out-of-pocket maximum.

The student loan proposal would provide employees with $2,000 per year to help pay off loans. There would be a lifetime limit of $10,000 per employee.

Under the Guild 401(k) proposal, the company contribution would increase to 4 percent of salary and the match would be a dollar-for-dollar up to 12 percent. This would apply to employees hired after September 2010. Employees hired before that date are in the defined benefit pension.

In vacation, the Guild proposed reducing the service time needed to move up the vacation sched- ule. Under our proposal, employees would earn four weeks of annual leave after three years and five weeks after nine years.

The Guild was represented by Unit Chair Laura Francis, unit officers Gary Diggs, Benjamin Cooper, Bruce Kaufman, Daren Neuben, Steve Cook, and Tammy Madison, along with Ken May, Catherine Kitchell, Rob Tricchinelli, Rachel Martin, Rebecca Trinite, chief bargainer Paul Reilly and WBNG Executive Director Cet Parks.