Ratified! We Have a Contract!

In voting completed last week, Guild members unanimously approved a first contract with RAINN that provides guaranteed pay raises, paid vacation, paid sick leave, overnight shift differential, and protection against unjust discipline.

All non-probationary employees will get a three percent pay raise effective June 5 (date of ratifica- tion) and another three percent increase next June. Employees working the overnight shift will receive a $2-per-hour shift differential.

In addition to now accruing vacation based on length of service, Guild-covered employees will earn the equivalent of one extra week of vacation (pro-rated based on hours) in lieu of the Christmas- New Year’s week off. There also are eleven paid holidays.

In addition to all the economic gains, we won strong job security language which ties layoffs to seniority and protects against unjust discipline or discharge. Any contract disputes now will be resolved by using the grievance and arbitration process contained in the contract.

Thanks to all who helped first to organize the union and who spent countless hours helping to bargain the contract: Theresa Dill, Mo-Yain Tham, Jim Sullivan, Chris Pitocchelli, Naomi Pomerantz, and Shannarese Sims.


A decision is expected soon on whether the bi-lingual employees of the National Sexual Assault Hotline will become Guild-represented.

The Guild asked the federal National Labor Relations Board to include the NSAH Shift Leads and Support Specialists in the Guild bargaining unit because the work they do is identical to the work per- formed by SHL staff.

A one-day unit clarification hearing before the NLRB was held May 12. The Guild contends RAINN shifted the work out of the bargaining unit in an effort to undercut the union.

If the NLRB rules in our favor, the NSAH staff will be covered under our just-ratified first con- tract.


There has been some talk that confidential information was improperly shared with the union’s attorney as part of our effort to bring the bi-lingual staff under the Guild contract.

That is incorrect.

As part of the unit clarification, the Union was entitled to any information that would help us show that RAINN improperly shifted our work to the bi-lingual staff in an attempt to undermine the union. The document at issue was information the union was entitled to. In an abundance of caution, and at the request of RAINN’s attorney, the Union agreed not to introduce the document into evidence at the hearing.

There was never a breach of confidentiality.