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Units of WBNG
  • AFL-CIO staff union
  • Agence France-Presse
  • Am. Nurses Assoc. staff
  • APWU staff union

  • Baltimore Sun
    (Sun Guild Facebook)
  • Bloomberg-BNA
    (B-BNA Guild Facebook)
  • BBNA Correspondents
  • Catholic News Service

  • Local 500 SEIU staff
  • NASW staff union
  • Radio Free Asia
  • Solidarity Center

  • UFCW staff union
  • United Way Worldwide
  • Washington Post
    (Post Guild Facebook)
  • Working America

  • Other WBNG units
  • WBNG Launches Drive to Support
    Labor-Organized Day of Unity

    The Local 32035 membership is asking the Metro Washington Council of the AFL-CIO to organize a day of unity for the local labor family, with the special purpose of including law enforcement and building solidarity among all parts of the community. Full story

    Staffers at ForeignPolicy.com
    Choose to Join the NewsGuild

    Editorial employees of the company whose flagship publication is Foreign Policy magazine voted in late June to form a Washington-Baltimore NewsGuild unit. In a statement, the FP Group said that it would recognize the union and begin negotiations over a collective bargaining agreement that will cover about 20 workers. Full story

    Postal Workers HQ Shop Wins
    Two-Year Contract Extension

    NewsGuild members at APWU headquarters signed a two-year agreement in June that gives annual raises, preserves four Cost-Of-Living Adjustments, and locks in health insurance premiums at 2012 rates. Full story

    Sun Guild Unit Now Part of 'Tronc'
    The newspaper company formerly known as Tribune officially has changed its name to Tronc. The enterprise that owns the Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune has rebranded itself – Tronc stands for "Tribune Online Content." The high-tech journalism operation is coveted by Gannett Co. Full story


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