It’s unanimous: Post Guild members voted 181-0 on Tuesday to approve the 8-month extension to our contract that was agreed upon by Post Guild leadership and Post management.

Post Guild leadership and the bargaining committee is pleased to inform you that we have reached a tentative agreement with Post management to delay bargaining for now and extend the terms of our current contract through April 2021.

This agreement would keep the integrity of our job protections in place as we navigate the coronavirus pandemic, as well as:
Grant all Guild-eligible employees across the board raises ($15/week or $0.40/hour), which will go into effect this July;
Formally ratify language for the increased 401(k) match and improved parental leave policy announced last year.
Our current contract is set to expire in July 2020. If this spring had gone according to plan, your bargaining committee would have met the company in mid-April to begin negotiating a new agreement. Dozens of Guild members had worked hard to conduct research and draft memos about ideas for how to make our workplace more welcome, fair and equitable.

But the pandemic forced us to recalibrate, and members of the bargaining committee and Guild leadership felt the best course of action was to suggest a contract extension to the company. Under these trying circumstances, we think this is a good deal — and we are grateful to the company for working with us to accomplish this agreement quickly so we can all focus on our work, our health and our families.

Please know that this does not mean all of your hard work over the last year was for nothing. Thanks to your tirelessness and commitment to each other, The Washington Post Guild is stronger now than we’ve been in decades.

The contract research many of you helped with will remain a moral compass for us as we continue to advocate for Guild members in this interim period. Those in Guild leadership and on the bargaining committee are actively exploring ways to open lines of communication with Post management so we can continue to push for issues core to our mission, including mental health resources, evolving work-from-home protocols, job security, health and safety during the pandemic, fair pay and career growth. It’s more important than ever that we protect each other and ensure that the company is supporting all the hard work you do every day to make The Post succeed.

All-member meetings. On Monday, May 18, we will hold two Zoom meetings to answer your questions. Join us at noon (Zoom invite here) or at 7 p.m. (Zoom invite here).
Member ratification vote. On Tuesday, May 19, dues-paying Guild members will cast their votes by emailing between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. In the subject line, please write your full name and the word “yes” or “no.”
Ultimately, the decision is yours. To ratify this tentative agreement, a majority of dues-paying Guild members who case a vote must say “yes.” If you have questions and cannot make one of the all-member meetings, you can always reach out to us via email at or on Guild slack.

Have a restful weekend. And as always, thank you for all you do to make The Post great.

With gratitude,
Katie Mettler, co-chair for news
David DeJesus, co-chair for commercial; and the members of the Post Guild bargaining committee and Post Guild leadership