Telling Our Stories

About the fellows

All of the participants in the project were laid off during The Sun’s staff cuts in 2009. While most are from the newsroom, some worked in advertising, circulation and marketing. Click the names below for details. Info is from late 2009.

Steve Auerweck

Paul Bendel-Simso

Chiquita Bolden-Heath

Danielle Bradley

Phyllis Brill

Tyeesha Dixon

Doug Donovan

Deborah Lakowicz-  Dramby

Ray Frager

Patrick Gutierrez

Beth Hughes

Fe Fung Hung

Doug Kapustin

Chiaki Kawajiri

Jiho Kim

Fay Lande

Linda L. Linley

Monica Lopossay

Elizabeth Malby

John E. McIntyre

Sandra Nash

Rashod D. Ollison

Ebony Page-Harvey

Alan Perry

Gene Russell

Denise Sanders

Norine Schiller

Franz Schneiderman

Matt Tustison

Charles H. Weiss

Linda White

Teresa Wilson

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